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Uploaded on Nov 2, 2008

My family and I live in Western Massachusetts. I have lived in this area since 1983. I have hiked the Appalachian Trails all over this area. We live where there is no industry, cell towers, or major roads. WE HAVE WI-FI and wireless metering in our town. In our home we do not have a microwave, dect phones or wi-fi. We drive 8 miles in any direction to ammenties. The ambient background at night is normally is between 22-35dBA. I know what our environment should sound like when you listen to it and it shouldn't sound like this! The noise you hear is a representation of those we have become familiar with and slightly elevated in volume so you can clearly pick them out. We are living with an insidious and invasive audible microwave frequencies induced noise not due to anything in our home!- The forensic evidence the State measured here is in violation of MA Noise Regulations. Our lifestyles and wellbeing have been greatly compromised since 2006. We have been unable to enjoy a normal night of sleep since the radiation emissions became audible. Noise pollution due to electrical sources has been linked to serious health problems. We have been unable get help from our local, state or government officials, who will not enforce the law. Instead of help, we have received reverse condemnation. Why is this happening? DSL, and all forms of broadband and microwave telecommunication must be grounded to your utility company's neutral wire to operate the equipment. The outdated infrastructure of the power grid is overburdened and is often no longer compatible with modern requirements of technology. As the grid stretches the distance to rural communities, its quality is compromised to save costs. Technology is marching forward at a pace which the grid cannot handle. As a result, our communities, all of them, are being flooded with what is well known as harmonics, pure tones, audible frequencies, and stray voltage, which have all been proven by science to contribute to radiation and be carcinogenic. The utility companies have no true regulatory oversight and have been allowed to say anything and do anything to avoid accountability and spare themselves the costs of appropriate and proven mitigation options. Whether or not you can hear electrical noise clearly, these frequencies are affecting you and your environment. Gone are the days and nights of true peace and quiet. Your children will grow up to accept that the buzzing and humming electrical noises are "normal" and acceptable. They will be the first generation to suffer a lifetime of ill effects, since there are no radio frequency limits to protect them. The FCC wants to pass the noise off as people suffering from Tinnitus. We do not have tinnitus. This is wrong. We have 8 reams of emails, hundreds of hours of audio recordings, scientific research, acoustical and electrical evidence of electrical leakage and radiation in our community and communities in every State we have visited and conducted testing, and a growing network of concerned citizens. Many people across the country are experiencing the same reactions from their utility company and officials. They are dealing with illness related to EMF and Radio Frequencies. We all deserve proper regulations, limits and oversight. Our elected officials should be fighting for our safety and the preservation of our wildlife. THEY ARE NOT! We have formed a volunteer alliance across the country. Contact us globalrfrdefenseteam@verizon.net to get involved in your State. Don't allow them to fool you into submission. The dirty electricity caused by the high frequencies used in the communication layer of the smart grid is polluting every home, school and workplace by riding on the the power grid lines. The emissions radiating high EMF. The industry must be held accountable for this weapon they have unleashed on the public for we are defenseless.

Robert O. Becker, M.D. twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for his research.
Quoted, "I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.

I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and the increase in the chemical elements in the environment."


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