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Published on Apr 18, 2014

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Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he recreates Jake's sword from Adventure Time! Don't miss the special guest appearance from the Smosh boys!

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Master Blacksmith: Tony Swatton

Assistant Blacksmiths: Alicia Minitte and Bryan Forrest
Leather Work: Johnny Bias
Machinist: William the Elder and Christian M. Kollgaard III
Sculptor: Karen Cope
Guest Blade Smith: KC Lund
Forge Assistants: Glenn Freund and Bryson Keefer
Molds: Ian Hicks

Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Line Producer: Adam Hiner
Producer: Hayden Roush
Production Manager: Phil Rogers
Production Coordinator: Benjamin Montague
Story Producer: Rome Mena

Director of Photography: Lucas Graham

Camera Operators: Lucas Graham and Chris Freilich
1st AC: Lani Wasserman and Mike Stanislawski
Gaffer: Chris Anderson
G/E: Chris Anderson
Swing: Ross Klein
Sound Mixer: Marco Meja
Production Assistant: James Lourie
Set Medic: George Markoski

Edited by Christopher Otwell

Post Production Supervisor Michael Gallagher
DIT: Earl Fulchet

Filmed on Location at The Sword and the Stone - www.SwordandStone.com

Stunt Coordinator: Christopher Bradley
Assistant Stunt Coordinator: Marnie Liesel

Stunts: Christopher Bradley, Bryan Forrest and Tony Swatton

The Sword & The Stone would also like to thank:
Cope Studios, Sypher Arts Studios, Shawn Strider, Next Level Stunts, Justin Rojas, Steve Winsett, Glenn Freund, Black Hand Mercantile, Lennon Hobson


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