Star-Crossed Lovers (Peeta and Katniss) Short Story 6





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Published on Feb 25, 2011

Sorry for not posting for so long ); I promise ill try to post a lot sooner .. . Maybe? Thank you for the people who actually take their time and comment on these series, I love you guys soo much, you are the reason I feel like I should not quit yet... Hehehe who else imagines Alex Pettyfer as their Peeta Mellark? ;)

Katniss's POV
I take my time walking down the stairs, not really up in the mood to trip and break any parts of my body due to my hasty pace. Besides, I didn't need anything else injured, now that I already got myself a new twisted ankle. When I reach the kitchen, the aroma of fresh-cooked waffles makes me a bit light-headed. I laugh a little though, realizing they only made the waffles for me, since they were already eating lunch. Picking up my fork, I help myself to the steaming heap, and make small talk when I am done chewing. "How is your day so far, Prim?" I smile and quickly brush a stray piece of blonde hair framing her beautiful face.

She smiles back, and answers "Great! I think Peeta is coming over later to bring some new bread over, we're running a bit low on those."

Mmm. I hope he plans on bringing some more of those delicious cheese buns. Finishing the last bit of my waffle, I pick myself up and bring the dirty dishes over to the sink. Suddenly a memory flashes through my brain, no, more like a flashback.

~"Katniss?" He drops my hand and I take a step, as if to catch my balance. "It was all for the Games," Peeta says. "How you acted." "Not all of it," I say, tightly holding on to my flowers. "Then how much? No, forget that. I guess the real question is what's going to be left when we get home?" he says. "I don't know. The closer we get to District Twelve, the more confused I get," I say. He waits, for further explanation, but none's forthcoming. "Well, let me know when you work it out," he says, and the pain in his voice is palpable.~

Then, the flashback ended. This is when the part he walks away, back inside the train, leaving me speechless. I almost drop the dish I was holding. Feeling as guilty as ever, I don't feel like doing anything else but climbing back under my warm safe covers, not wanting to come out back into reality. But I can't do that, I know I needed to stay when he arrived, to let him know I still care, enough. I don't know when he is actually coming, so I busy myself to spend more time with my little Primrose.

It isn't until late afternoon until we hear a soft knock on our door. Quickly rushing over, I turn the knob, and find myself standing face to face with the boy with the bread. I open the door wider to let him through, and he wipes his feet on the thick mat. In his hands, he carries a small plastic bag, and I can bet anything that it is that warm, hearty bread. "Hey." I smile at him.

His eyes show no emotion, but he manages a small fake smile. "Hey Katniss." He turns to Prim, and actually smiles. "Hey Prim."

Prim rushes up and gives him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Peeta! The weather wasn't that bad, was it?" Her little face scrunches up with worry, and I see her trying to look over Peeta's shoulder to look out the window. He laughs genuinely, "No, it wasn't bad at all Prim." Great, so he can laugh and talk to Prim with no trouble at all, but he can't even look me in the eyes.

I clear my throat and try to ease up the tension between us. I pretend to peep inside the bag like a curious little child, then snatch it out of his hands. "Some bread for me? Why thank you!" My attempt succeeded, because he actually smiles, and his eyes are twinkling like they use to. "I tried to bring at least one of each, but my mom. . . Well y'know." Right, that horrible witch of a mother he has. I have absolutely no idea how someone as wonderful, perfect, and selfless as Peeta could be born from someone like her. I guess he takes after his dad.

I nod, my hopes of him bringing cheese buns crushed. I ask him anyway. He shakes his head, a little surprised. "No, didn't I give you a bag yesterday?" Blushing, I admitted I ate them all. "They are delicious! You will need to teach me how to bake, sometime." He gives me another one of his beautiful smiles, and my heart nearly stops. "I'll try and remember."


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