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  7. Is there no muslim leadership in BJP?

  8. Is BJP's vision document for any particular religion?

  9. Did Narendra Modi controlled Praveen Togadia,Bajrang Dal

  10. Are BJP's muslim leaders non credible?

  11. Will Muslim get benefit in Narendra Modi govt.?

  12. Are Muslims financially strong in Gujarat?

  13. Will Modi not discriminate amongst people?

  14. Will Seminaries get recognition in Modi govt.?

  15. Did Narendra Modi gave free hand to rioters?

  16. Will Modi govt punish Gujarat riots accused?

  17. 1969 Ahmedabad riots was more devastating than 2002 Gujarat riots

  18. we accept Narendra Modi as our Leader,we are ready to follow him

  19. Is Ahmedabad the safest city for women in the country?

  20. Will Modi make any special arrangment for addressing Muslims problem?

  21. Will Arabic and Persian make a come back in UPSC examinations?

  22. Aap Ki Adalat: What Muslims want from Modi? (Full Episode)

  23. Aap Ki Adalat - A. Raja (Full Episode)

  24. Aap Ki Adalat - A. Raja, Promo

  25. Farmers will compensated for their loss owing to inclement weather when new govt is formed,Jaitley

  26. PM's speeches are those that are remembered by the speaker and forgotten by the listeners, Jaitley

  27. Cong.can quest its candidates who bring their wifes in fray only when nominations held: Jaitley

  28. When Pak took a part of Kashmir under Jawaharlal Nehru, then nobody cared about Indianess, Jaitley

  29. It has become my religion now to work for the people of Punjab, says Arun Jaitley on Aap Ki Adalat

  30. MP and Gujarat excelling after inter linking of rivers, says Arun Jaitley on Aap Ki Adalat

  31. On Modi's candidature as PM we're proud that we have someone to propose as prime Minister, Jaitley

  32. I respect and regard Sidhuji's emotion and decision on not contesting elections, says Arun Jaitley

  33. In my philosophy tax rates must decline till we dn't have low cost manufacturing for SME's,Jaitley

  34. If BJP comes to power I'll take the responsibility of taking Punjab's rights to Delhi, Arun Jaitley

  35. I made a law for myself while entering politics, to speak on issues not individuals, Arun Jaitley

  36. Some believe that those who don't drink the peg of Patiala are outsiders. I disagree, Arun Jaitley

  37. Will the coalition with 250, 300 seats form the gov. or one with 75 or 25 seats? asks Arun Jaitley

  38. Drawing consensus on making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister, a turning point, says Arun Jaitley

  39. My political journey was incomplete in Rajya Sabha; now I'm content, says Arun Jaitley

  40. Being a cabinet minister or sitting in opposition has groomed my personality, says Arun Jaitley

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