Vicious Circle Trailer

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2008/07/30 に公開

Winner of the NY Latino Film Festival Best Picture!

Set on the streets off modern day Venice Beach California, Vicious Circle is a tragic "Punk Rock" Latino love story; a raw edgy, teenage Romeo and Juliet with a murder mystery twist.

The Film Follows 18 year old RJ (Skater, Paul Rodriguez Jr.) as he runs through the streets of Los Angeles with a blood stained shirt and a gun in his backpack.

Leaving the audience to wonder, "What happened?" RJ is an artist and skater with a heart of gold. He dreams of moving to New York City to pursue his aspirations to create comic books. His handmade sketchbook demonstrated his unique talent and acts as a portal between fantasy and reality. A strong inffluence of the game of chess from RJ's incarcerated father flows through his art and life... RJ lives by the rules of the game.

Soon, RJ meets his first love Angel (Sundance award winner - Emily Rios), a rebellious singer in a local teenage punk band. Theur unexpected story of true love causes the tides to turn in both lives, and RJ reveals a secret that will cost the life of new love.

Directed by Paul Boyd, and starring Paul Rodriguez Jr., Emily Rios, Robert Zepeda, Richard Edson, Perrey Reeves, Paul Rodriguez.

Yes, I was the UPM/1st AD!