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Published on Jun 20, 2011






I've actually been solidly an atheist since last Winter semester, but the process began in earnest years before that, and the first indications are among my oldest memories. In CTR 6 or 7, Mom was once the substitute teacher, and she gave a lesson on giving your testimony. She wrote "I know the church is true" on the board and called on me to say it. I refused, because I was not aware of any such knowledge, and I didn't want to lie. I got in a bit of trouble for this. I never thought I knew the church was true--not for sure. And later when various things led to an active search for truth, I could not find a single person who could tell me how they actually knew the church was true--how do you know the feeling was the spirit? Nothing was logically convincing. I questioned various avenues, getting so anxious that I simply wanted to have the answer, so I allowed myself to consider the possibility that the church was not true. Once that was on the table, things started lining up.

The issue of faith was the problem, and the basic form of faith and the foundation of all the religion I knew was a faith in God. Now I could understand the idea of trusting God--but to trust that he existed seemed unreasonable. I familiarized myself with the arguments for and against God's existence, and I found that there was absolutely no convincing argument that God was there. In fact, I found no reason to believe at all. Learning more about psychology and later anthropology made me realize just how simple it would be for masses of people to fool themselves into all sorts of states of mind, including a witness of the spirit. I'd even experienced such a feeling when dealing with a matter which made apparent that I had created the feeling myself--and this obvious impostor was as strong as any supposedly real spiritual experience I'd known. Then of course there was the fact that many people from many contradictory religions had similar convictions--with no outside reference, how could I trust the nature of my own experience?

If you wish to read more of Alex's exit story, please click on the following link: http://www.iamanexmormon.com/2011/06/...

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I didn't hear him insulting the Mormon church, he just didn't feel this spirit that other people seem to. Would you rather people be honest about what they feel or pretend to feel something they don't.
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Love this forum. So honest, so brave. Thank you!
Cary Francis
Awesome. You saw through the lies. Yourself  Bravo !!
I am not now, nor have I ever been, a mormon.  The entire religious society surrounding the gold plates is a fabricated sham created by the power hungry con man, Joe Smith.  During the recent LDS Conference weekend a "Sister" and her husband "Elder" approached me....  fishing for my personal beliefs.  "I am a part of the body of Christ; the of the Church of England and the Anglican communion of churches.  I believe in the words of the Nicene and Apostle's Creeds..."  The "Sister" interrupted by telling me my salvation was in question since I wasn't part of "Heavenly Fathers" one true church.  My fast acting response...  "Then I shall see you in hell.  Cheerio!"  I walked away with a look of horror upon their faces.  Here is the real problem with the Mormons...  there are no choices; no room for intellectual thinking.  One is either a Mormon or one is not.  I live in Salt Lake City..  and the Mormon religious society is such a stigma here.  I am inclined to think that my God and their god are two very different entities.  Sadly they put their trust in the god of (mor)man.  and not the God of mankind.  Gladly I say...  I am not now, or will I ever be, a mormon.
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Hi! Thank you SO much for sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage to admit that to yourself and even more courage to share it with others. :) 
Jordan Cheney
Yes, I agree, many mormon parents micro manage their kids' beliefs; which is inappropriate. My parents don't do that with me or my siblings.
The way I see it, every religion forces to believe in ideas that do not match with reality. Dogmas. But mormonism exceeds every sound sense of measure. The mormons I came across are nice people, though.
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Alex needs to read the Bible (esp. New Testmt). Not book of Mormon.  The challenge is NOT to pray about it & wait for a "feeling" (Jeremiah 17:9) ... the challenge is to read the New testament!!
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Robert Allison
As Mormon now is, ex-Mormon once was. As ex-Mormon is now, Mormon may become....
It's truly sad that he left one absurdity for another one, the choice is not either Mormonism is true or there is no God. The scars of the Mormon church seems to be really deep.
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