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Published on Jun 10, 2009

wow you guys were really fast with the comments
i didn't really expected that but i promised to make a marathon and i did this the whole day long, my mom is probably going to kill me cause i sat infront of my laptop for that long but i thinkit was worth it
At Lunch
Demi: (walks out of her classroom)
Joe: (waits for her)
Demi: (smiles) hey
Joe. i just talked with Selena and Nick,
Demi: and?
Joe: Selena wants to talk with you
Demi: about what?
Joe: tonight... our date
Demi: mhh... i guess i need to go shopping with her right?
Joe: um yeah i guess she said somethign about it well lets go eat something
Demi: but i'm not even hungry
Joe: you need to eat Dems...
Demi: I'm not anorexic
Joe: the Doctor said it... and it was obviously
Demi: uggh fine
Joe: (puts his arm around her and starts walking to the cafeteria) i love you
Demi: i love you too
They enter the cafeteria, and everyone looks at them
Demi: prefect now they are all starring at me
Joe: and? i don't care
Demi: (smiles at him) you are amazing
Selena: (runs to Demi) Demi! C'mon we need to talk
Joe: take care of her
Selena: sure (walks away with Demi)

Later that day

Joe: (walks downstairs dressed for Jemi's date, smiling)
Mrs.J: Joe... where are you going dressed like this?
Joe: umm date...
Mrs.J: with who?
Joe: um... my girlfriend??
Mrs.J: who is your girlfriend?
Joe: ummm... Demi?
Mrs.J; demi? demi lovato?
Joe: um... yea ... bye (runs out) * i hope she won't call me back, just run to the car and drive away Joe* (runs to his car, gets in and drives to Demi's house, get's out and walks to her door and knocks on it)
Demi: (opens shyly) h...hi...
Joe: woah...
Demi: (looks down a bit) so...
Joe: you... you look beautiful
Demi: (blushes but still looking down) really and i don't look fat in that dress?
Joe: are you kidding me? (walks closer to her and lifts her chin so she looks him in the eyes) you look perfect (pecks her lips)
Demi: (smiles) thank you you don't look bad yourself
Joe: (smiles) thank you c'mon lets go... (holds out his arm for her to take it)
Demi: (smiles and takes his arm) thank you
Joe: stop saying thank you

They walk to the car
At the restaurant, they already have their food
[ the place in the video, you will see]

Demi: (looks around) i can't belive you have took me here
Joe: why not?
Demi: it is so beautiful and everything, thank you
Joe: anything for you
Demi: you are the first one caring that much about me
Joe: because i love you Demi
Demi: well my last boyfriend said that too a long time ago but he never really meant it
Joe: i do
Demi: (smiles) i know and this is so new for me
Joe: (leans ove the table and pecks her lips) wanna finish eating?
Demi: (smiles) yeah
Joe: i still have more for tonight
Demi: what? that is not everything?
Joe: (shakes his head) no

When they finish eating
Joe: you wanna come with me
Demi: of course i want i would walk with you till the end of eternity
Joe: good but you don't need to walk that long (he stands up and walks closer to Demi)
Demi: (gets up too) where are we going?
Joe: you will see (takes her hand and starts walking fowards a little boat [the one in the video]) and?
Demi: is this your boat?
Joe: no my dad owns it
Demi: your dad wil hate me even more when i will go on that boat
Joe: no he won't c'mon (takes her hand and walks to the boat)
Demi: do you even know how to start it?
Joe: of course i do (picks Demi up and sits her on the boat then he gets on it too)
Demi: wow...
They drive out till the middle of the sea and the they just satyed there, the sun is getting down by now
Joe: (lays next to Demi) you are so beautiful
Demi: (blushes and looks at Joe) no i am now
Joe: right you are more then beautiful you are the most perfect, goreous, amazing, hot, cute girl in the whole wide world
Demi: (lays on Joe's cheast with her head) thank you Joe but i know that this is not true
Joe: for me it is (kisses her hair and holds her tighter)
Demi: the sunsetting is beautiful out here
Joe: yeah i know when i was younger i was often out here with me dad and my brothers
Demi: and your mother?
Joe: she is seasick
Demi: oh
Joe: but we always had a lot of fun
Demi: (turns around and looks up to Joe) is your dad mad at you?
Joe: no why should he be?
Demi: the way he pulled you out yesterday he really must hate me


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