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Published on Jun 22, 2009

EDIT: The first one I uploaded didn't have my production sign or watermark. Thank you to everyone who rated and commented and favorited, and I hope you do so again. Sorry!

Edit 2: Do the voiceovers sound awful to anyone else? When I did this, I didn't have earphones, and without them the voiceovers sounded great. But I just got a new pair, and was watching this and listening to it using the new phones, and now the voiceovers are overpowering the music. Is that just the headphones are they this messed up for everybody?

Is it my best? Not really. But considering my current time restraints and all, I'm happy. I made this for the SLT Newbies Contest's second round. The theme was love, and it had to be to a happy song. I do not have a lot of happy love songs on my iPod, either. The ones I did find were too fast and required too much editing, so I just chose this.

And why, you may be wondering, does a video about Lilly and Oliver have scenes and voiceovers from Sweet Home Alabama? Well, it started off with me wanting to use the opening scene of SHA because I wanted the video to have a beach type theme, and the kids looked similar and they were on a beach and since Loliver is of course the love since kidergarten ship, I figured that worked. Only I realized as I started that "Stolen" is a highly epic song, and while Loliver is sweet and funny and adorkable, epic it kinda isn't. So I added some voiceovers from SHA, to add drama. And then I really wanted to use the kiss in the rain on the beach, so I added it, and then I decided to forget whether Mitchel looked like Josh Lucas or not and just use Melanie and Jake as the grown-up Loliver. And I like it. Also, I used Melanie's skinny model friend for a brief appearance as grown-up Miley. So. That's that. Storyline: There isn't one. It's just about Lilly and Oliver's ups and downs, the bickering and the silly moments, and them being in love through all of it.

Beach Background - Divalynn
Heart - Nauticalstar13
Both are on deviantart.com.

Don't own, don't sue.


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