BAT ROMANCE [Batman Original MUSIC VIDEO] Dark Knight Rises Lady Gaga Bad Romance Parody





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Published on Jul 13, 2012

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Bat Romance: Gotham's Sexy Vixens Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn compete for Batman's Love in this parody of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

Directed by OA Skywalker
http://www.DirectorOA.com or OA.Director@gmail.com


Catwoman played by RAINA HEIN


Poison Ivy played by JESSICA SERFATY


Harley Quinn played by NIKKI BREANNE WELLS


Batman played by MIKE KALINOWSKI


Joker played by ROB RUSH


Harley Quinn sang by LISA EASLEY

Poison Ivy sang by LEAH MCKENDRICK

Media and marketing strategy: http://www.freshlogic.co

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Comments • 4,361

logan phetteplace
Harley has the best body, Poison Ivy has the best voice, and Catwoman has the best lyrics 
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Taylor Miller
So true
Cayana Perkins
I know right
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I love how the Joker just doesn't give a f**k about Harley singing she wants Batman. It's like he's thinking 'Meh, I don't care, everyone knows I'm Bat's favorite anyway."
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Sister Zone
TheWhiteQuadroon lmao so trueee😂😂😂
Muito Mais Sobre Miraculous Lady Bug
TheWhiteQuadroon Nice i love Thais clip
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A great music video BUT I think the end would of been better if Thalia was the final character and batman said Thalia , her response would of been, hello beloved, end credit. Anyone else agrees with me?
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Shorty The One
I love the als Nyssa especially
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Grace Mari
"Move it bitches, Batsy only has one mistress" YASS CATWOMAN SLAY! Harley and Ivy can have each other instead ;)
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Shorty The One
Just reread my comment wtf was I thinking joker and ivy dont make a good ship
Poison Ivy
That would most likely be abusive.. Ether that or they would kill each other.. Is that really what you ship?...
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I love how Batman's like, "I don't care"
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Texting Stories
nimbuslion ikr
Tuan long
alex tas uu
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Ry's Channel
Who else loves catwoman's makeup?
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Robert Phillips
I do!
The 12th Doctor
pablogood5 48
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James Ianni
Harley had me at "acrobat".
Yeah seriously... would be hard to not do that.
Jokers just siting in the background all lonely like he can't compete with this shit anymore
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Rin Kagamine
I'll get him sooner or later
Mr. Joker
robloxgamer zuperaj42 HEY! I won't die! Maybe....
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Mekiko Senpai
Do people honestly think The Joker would care if Harley left?
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Nova W
Mekiko Senpai well she left for a year to have his baby and he didnt even notice so
David J Thomson
Mekiko Senpai have you seen Suicide Squad? because I wouldn't recommend it.
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Zach Noland
Harley won by far 
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j miller
Zach Noland hell ya harley quinn all day she is sexy asf
Nif Ross
Ya catwoman
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