First Animal to Survive in Space





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Published on Sep 4, 2012

Tardigrades or "Water Bears" are the only creatures that can survive the extreme conditions in the vacuum of outer space.

Watch the comments response video here! http://bit.ly/Tardigrades-Response

Read more at http://bit.ly/1tdR3PG

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Comments • 26,985

sounds like this guy wants to be a tardigrade
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Xxx DJ
tigerfanman 1000th like
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Raptor Jesus
4:03 you'd have to be crazy to believe we're the only life in the universe, billions upon billions of galaxies, more galaxies than the grains of sand in all our deserts combined. theres no way we're the only life that has sprouted
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Raptor Jesus
and which god are you referring too? primitive humans created thousands of them. you talk about "how great" things are? volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, famine, disease, pestilence. and that is all happening on the tiny parts of land that we can survive on on this planet, too hot...dead, too cold...dead. if you think that this entire universe was all made for you then you've got a huuuuuge amount of backing-up to do. earth isn't some magical utopia, its a freaking deathtrap...
Raptor Jesus because of gods will , and all these things to show us how great how big our creator is nothing more than this ok no alien life , so nasa plz dont fuck so much money on these shits , this money can be useable for other things on earth itself
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In short, tardigrade, an awesome animal that doesn't give a fuck.
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Mahatma Cote
TVBalkan it could be a retardigrade
So tardigrades are like the honeybadger.
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Docktor Jim
And the knowledge that over 12 million people have watched this video has renewed my faith in humanity. I can go to bed now and dream of science. 
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Seth Stevenson
It’s only gone up 1 mill in 2 years...
bixby ponteri
Docktor Jim Wait but just to clarify they did not come form space. tardigrades are very basal to the arthropods but by looking at the molecular pylogonly/bootstrap analysis it's clear that they are not from space. also arthropods are very prominent in the fossil record and you can trace them back using that. Tardigrades are cool but if you want to see an amazing example of cryptobiosis look at Bdelloid Rotifers.
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Ty Brown
Imagine if we put these on a planet in our solar system where water was discovered, wait a couple million years and let evolution take place.
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Imagine if they shoot these into outer space, aliens grab them and decide if they super evolve them they will be the ultimate soldier, however they become impossible to control and two fully grown 8 foot 650 pound super soldier tardigrades can reproduce 20 more every couple of days, and in 20 years they enslave their alien masters and make their way back home to earth, with an army of 3 billion super tardigrades each weighing half a ton in thick titanium plasma hybrid space armor and they wipe us out in like a few seconds.
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Chase Last name
DavyDave1313 you smacked huh
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this nigga wanna fuck a tardygrade bruh
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Look at how cute the little legs are lol
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Micrology 11
Silver Feral Thunderbird I agree
Silver Feral Thunderbird
It's weird how something so alien can be so adorable
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Wally Bearclaws
I'm a Tardigrade and I think about tomorrow everyday.
Jafar Shodiq
Wally Bearclaws you're lying. i'm also a tardigrade and i don't even remember the last time i took a shit
paulo balls
good job.
Lucian Nestor
tardigrades should train with goku.
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Lucian Nestor Goku jerks on himself
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