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Published on Feb 22, 2011

World Series of Poker Europe 2010 hand where player can be seen angle shooting in slow motion in order to illicit a reaction. Tournament Director is forced to make a tough decision that changes the course of the tournament.

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Yeah, it was obviously intentional.  Staring him down when he did it, zero actual hesitation, one smooth motion, resumes shuffling his chips immediately after.  Very, very deliberate.  Lame.
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snois2 and fun facts: he's obviously looking out of the side of the hoodie. are you telling me you can't focus your eyes on something and see someone out of the periphery of your vision? that's pretty gullible to not realize that's what's happening.
you're blind if you don't see that it was intentional, watch the replay at :3:01 and slow down to .25 speed and watch his face. there was no uncertainty about what he was doing there, no second guessing his choice as he claimed, and he was staring the guy down looking for a reaction. completely intentional and plainly gullible and/or stupid to think otherwise imo.
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The whole time Flayshman is thinking to himself shut the fuck up idiot I don't want him to call!!
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Fun Facts
+Jenkins1155 Yep.
Tom Smith
+Mark Johnson Exactly, there should have been absolutely nothing said before the hand was over. That guy was being a dick, probably because he doesn't like the guy who tried to angle shoot.
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Slevin Reviews
To the idiot saying it's okay to do this you don't know poker. What you do with your friends is one thing but this is a world championship table. If you were bluffing a heavy pot and I said "Fold... NOT! Just kidding" that's cheating. And in poker you speak with your hands and that's what his hands said. It's the same thing when you call, raise or go all in. You'll see their reactions which tells you what they're up to. Even if the other guy didn't see it that's still cheating. He shouldn't have been allowed to play that hand. That's an automatic fold disqualification.
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Mojo Reanimated
You just replied to a comment a guy made nearly 3 years ago. XD
Angel Colantuono
James Mulrey and
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Perfect example of why people who are not in the hand shouldn't say a word! 
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Perfect example of how fucking ignorant you are by this comment. It's a fucking tournament, not being in a pot, doesn't mean the action doesn't effect you.
Just add a betting-line and this non-issue is off the table permanently. But players do have the right to point out errors if they happen. It's their choice to say something or keep quiet and conceal it.
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He does a pump fake while looking right at his opponent and claims he wasn't angle shooting. SMH
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Naureen Syed
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Frank Sanders
lots of opinions in the posts here. including some dubious support for illegal play. maybe because bluffing is a part of poker people assume that any "dirty" tactic is ok. it is NOT. the forward motion with those chips then pulling back is against the rules and poor sportsmanship to boot.
Frank Sanders
+gio nunez Unfortunately you are correct that in some places that's true. Those places are wrong. In the WSOP it is a rule though [even though on rare occasions the floor makes a bad ruling on it].
gio nunez
the rule is tho, in some places, if you never let go of the chips they don't consider it committed.. 
I have always been taught that you should not comment on play when you're not in the hand. These guys should stfu and receive a penalty for influencing the course of play. If I was the bluffer I would be so mad.
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Tom Smith
+Ryan Bowkett Wow, just stop already before you hurt your brain.
you can't seriously be this retarded bro. i didn't know you could draw to a straight after the river lol are you serious?
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Schroeder Luck
If you angle-shoot, your chips should immediately go into the pot and your hand should be automatically dead.
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"You, sir, are an idiot........oh, nm. I misread what you wrote. Sorry. My mistake." Lol.
+Schroeder Luck Wow, I can't believe I never even considered that !  Yeah, why should hoodie be punished for the actions of those not even in the hand? I bet mucking (especially hands that would have won) would cut down on this sort of chicanery.
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angle shooting cunt. once I banned a local from coming to my home game for doing that. never gave him another chance. you cheat once and you're gone. Livy is a fucking dickless douche.
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Staying Classy
+Tom Dwan Yeah how dare he not want cheaters at his place. Durrrrrr fuck off.
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Wuzit Tooya
Why can't jews fucking act like normal people JUST ONCE? Fucking assholes always have to ruin everything with their lies and tricks. "i did like this, i did this". Fuck you Levi
Wuzit Tooya Hey, let's not bring ethnicity/religion into this. The guy is a scum, don't use his individual douchieness to push your agenda.
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