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Uploaded on Oct 5, 2011

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Mini marathon 3/3

(( later))

Abi knocked on the door Nate was the one that opened the door * hey Nate*

Nate looked at her * hey* he said * come in*

Abi smiled and walked in Nate closed the door * they are downstairs in the basement *

Abi nodded * hey can I talk to you*

* umm okay*

* ever since Alex left you haven't been the same*

Nate shrugged

* you can tell me*

He took a deep breath * it's not the same without her* he said

Abi nodded

* I miss her*

* don't worry summer will be over before you know it* Nate smiled * well I better get going* she said

* okay * he said

Abi quickly made her way downstairs to the basement

* Abi* Jess said and hugged her * glad you could come*

* well what are we going to do*

Jess shrugged * I want to spend some time with jay * she said

Abi nodded * okay sure*

* if you know what I mean* she whispered

Abi looked at her * oh no your not*

Jess smiled * kidding* she said and kissed abis cheek * you know you love me*

* ya you keep thinking that*

Jess made a face * mean*

Abi smiled * I'm just kidding with you*

* okay well you go with Taylor* she told her then walked away

Abi smiled as she sat down next to Taylor * hey* she said

Taylor smiled back * hey* he said then pulled her close to him planting his lips on hers

Abi kissed him back the thought of spending the whole night with Taylor gave her butterflies in her stomach

* what's wrong* he asked

Abi shook her head * nothing* she answered

Then they heard Jess's giggles Abi leaned on Taylor * if they do something I'm so going to kick their ass*

Taylor chuckled * what if we do something* he whispered

Abi quickly repeated his words in her mind her heart racing inside her chest * Taylor*

Taylor looked at her * yeah*

Abi didn't know what to say of course she wanted to be with him but she wanted it to be special she wanted everything to be perfect and yes she told her self that she was ready but was she and what if they did it and he left her she had fallen head over heels for him and she did not want to let him go

*Abi* she heard Taylor say

She looked at him * yeah*

* why are you crying* he asked as he wiped away some tears

She didn't even know that she was crying she quickly wiped away her tears * sorry* she said

* there's no need* Taylor told her as he embraced her in a hug

Abi hugged him back * I love you* she whispered

Taylor pulled away looking at her * what* he said

Abi shook her head * nothing* she said feeling stupid for even saying it

Taylor smiled at her * Abi I love you too*

Abi looked at him Just hearing him say that made her insides toss and turn she leaned into him and kissed him softly when she pulled away she leaned her forehead against his Then they heard Jessica let out a moan

* oh god* Abi said and laughed

Taylor chuckled * wanna go upstairs*

Abi nodded * please* she said

They both sat up and made their way upstairs Taylor wrapped his arms around her as he began to nibble on her neck

She closed her eyes leaning her back against his chest

* you guys can use a room you know*

* Nate* Abi said pulling away from Taylor

Nathan smiled * hey* he said

* well * Taylor began

Nate turned around and faced them * don't tell me Jess is downstairs with jay*

Abi nodded * something like that*

Nate shook his head * hey um abi*

* yeah*

* do you have a number where I can reach Alex*

* sorry Nate but I don't *

Nate nodded The stood up * well I'm going to go*

* where are you going it's late*

Nate shrugged * Out* he said as he walked out the door

Taylor looked at her the a scream came from downstairs Abi shook her head as she took a hold of taylors hand * come on* she whispered and began making her way upstairs

Once inside the room she closed the door and locked it



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