Baby Raccoons Saved After Mother Is Poisoned





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Published on May 5, 2009

These are three baby raccoons whose mother was poisoned by an angry person who didn't want raccoons getting their garbage. If there were no laws, I'd poison this evil person myself. These babies will be nursed until they are healthy and large enough to be introduced back into the wild where they belong. In my heart, I'd love to keep at least one as a pet to insure their long lives, but I believe that's unfair because a raccoon needs to be a raccoon, but people need to stop killing these beautiful animals for their own convenience.

I am providing a portion of the proceeds from my new book "The Working Class Entrepreneur" to help displaced North American wildlife. The book will be released in August 2009 at www.CorporateConstipation.com and on Amazon, along with various retailers.

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Katherine Uribe
God bless all the animals, keep them from harm. Let people and all the Earth's creatures live together peacefully. That is my prayer tonight...and every night.
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We take over their habitat and call them pests. We are the pests, not the wild animals.
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Dee Ann
You are so good to help these baby animals. Bless you both. They sure are hungry.
Thank you for saving the little raccoon babies! It's great to see them getting care and food, and being loved!
Tina Tomaszewski
People suck. Someone should poison the person who killed the mama raccoon for being in raccoon habitat. What an A-hole! Thanks to your mama though for getting the babies through this rough patch in their lives! And, thank you, Wayne, for sharing!
Ed Howell
Was almost attacked by a wild raccoon coming out of a trash can at a public place. These are not pets and can easily turn on you like any undomesticated animal trying to be raised like a normal pet.
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Lea Newton
u are so right this makes me so sad the ad I just seen about the mother raccoon that was poisoned and the lady taking care of the three orphans I just got for babies and to Die the day I received on because they were in an attic for so long when they were pulled out of the installation two of them survived and the game warden come and he took one of my hands and left me one and it's just very devastating I've been dealing with Wildlife my entire life I grew up on a petting zoo and work with USDA and protecting endangered in exotic species and I've always felt like if you don't like an animal in your environment like a raccoon or a possum or an armadillo why not call Professional or learn how to trap them get them and relocate them to another you know isolated area you don't have to kill them there's also like disgusting smell things you can put around your yard or write them off and things like that people just have to do research you do not have to kill them because 9 times out of 10 they have babies and then People Like Us end up with the babies and then we have to figure out how to either relocate them in the world or they have to live out the rest of their life in isolation and it's really sad even though the ones that live in homes have the best lives ever if they're taken care of by professionals who are educated in who can actually handle the situation correctly not amateurs that just want a cool pet but a real licensed professional like a game warden or v breeder and I can deal and breed endangered and exotic species I am a veterinarian assistant and studied endangered and exotic species in college and I do not believe that people should own Wildlife as pets I believe that there should be a certain amount of people who are educated into rehabilitating them back into the wild but the problem with animals like raccoons and animals that like to forage and come up into Suburban areas where people live gets kind of complicating because they're going to come up to humans and humans are going to automatically assume that they have rabies and they're going to kill them and this is why I wish people would just not kill the parents try to relocate them or call a professional out to relocate on because really you're just hurting the economy more and more more and we've already taken over so much of their land between our buildings that pop up every second of the day while fires that destroy almost all of their landscape there is hardly nowhere for them to live and then we kill them for coming in our yard and they're God's creation and it is just terribly saddening and I say a prayer every night for all the wildlife because really and truly they are treated so terribly and there were here way before we were we should all be ashamed of ourselves anyone who abuses Wildlife for being on your property you should be ashamed of yourself because you're actually on their property
Erika Sarna
Don't set them out of the wild keep them as pets
Robert De La Madrid
People rot.
Mick Lail
Those are some cute babies. You should be proud of yourself for helping them. As for animal control: If you call animal control about a racoon, you are probably condemning it to death. Maybe someday in the future, long after humans have killed each other off, what animals that are left may be able to survive. Until then, it is up to those among us who give a shit to help them any way we can.
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