Adele HELLO Flat Earth - Cover by Amber Plaster




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Published on Feb 24, 2017

This lyric video was made by Missa and is the awesome song by Amber Plaster who both wrote and performed it. Any attack comments about the creator of the song or video will probably be deleted. Trying to make the world a better place. Thanks.

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It's Me,
You Know Indoctrination Started When We Were Still Naive.
Our Beliefs
That Inertia Is The Reason We Don't Feel The Earth Spinning.
Can You Hear Me.
Did You Ever Stop To Question A Confession Of Gravity
As A Theory
Funny Thing
The Force Alone Can Be Explained With Buoyancy And Density
The Sun Is Closer
Than What They've Told Us,
Not 90,000,000 Miles Away.
Hello From The Inside
I'm Here To Tell You Nasa Lies
And There Never Was A Space Probe
And Those Planets You've Loved So,
Are Wondering Stars
Operation Fish Bowl,
There Never Was A South Pole.
We're Surrounded By
Walls Of Ice
And We Clearly Live Inside Of A Glass Dome.
How Are You?
Did You Get A Chance To Join Flat Earth And Globe Discussion Group
To Discover
All The Truth
How The Sun The Moon The Stars Are All Revolving Around You.
There's No More Secrets,
The Earth Is Stationary,
It Is Fixed Unmovable.
Hello From The Brighter Side,
They Fooled You With Their Cgi.
They Are Sending Rockets Into The Sea.
And The Faking That Live Iss Feed
No Matter How High You Go
Horizons Rise To Eye Level.
Wake Up From The Worlds Greatest Fiction Show
You Won't Need Your Globe Goggles Anymore
Over 120 Scriptures
Support The Geocentric Design Of This Earth.
Railroads Bridges, Lighthouses
Fail Curvatures Litmus Test
Don't Be Fooled By Perspective Tricks
It's Our Limited Vision Hiding Those Ships
Compasses And Gyroscopes
Prove The Earth Is Not A Globe.
Moonlight, Star Trails, Polaris Too
Prove We Are Not The Ones On The Move

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