Super Mario Sunshine - The Shell's Secret Speedrun (38''02)





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Published on Sep 21, 2011

Finally, I got the last revision of my outdated runs done. I think this is one of my best works so far.

This strategy is pretty awesome, but there are problematic places. In fact, lots of them. Let me go through them:

- The very beginning: If your timing is off, you are going to grab the ledge, which messes everything up. Just make sure to wall jump as quickly as possible while holding the control stick in the direction Mario is jumping.

- The jump at 0:11 . My God, I hate that jump. Why? Because the way it works doesn't make sense. Basically, you have to press A and B when Mario is still in the air. When you press the buttons at the exact time Mario touches the ground, he will not make the jump...for whatever reason. Lots, lots of deaths because of this....arg.

- At 0:16, you are supposed to get a triple jump off the rope jump when Mario touches the ground and you press A, but I missed it. It didn't matter, however, because I need to wait for the log to get into a good position anyway.
If you do get the triple jump, make sure to wait a bit. Otherwise, the log will not be in a good position and you'll fall.
By the way, getting the wall jump's angle right is not always that easy.

- 0:23 . You'd think directly jumping to the second log by performing a long dive or something like that would save some time. Truth is, is hardly does I think. All that matters is getting on the moving platform at the end. Nothing else matters.

- 0:32 That jump....is hard. Make sure to get the sharpest angle or else Mario will get blocked by the platform above him. You can do a spin jump to save some time, but I can never get it right, so I ended up doing a backflip. Works too.

Also make sure to immediately dive after the wall jump or else the space will not suffice.

Finally, just jump on the final log, don't immediately jump after you dive, but walk just a little bit to be able to jump directly into the shine.

All in all, I'm happy with this run, even though I know it's not perfect. I had a hard time doing this and am happy to now say goodbye to this stage.

And that does it for my Secrets stages runs, guys. Unless I find better strategies, that is.

Time for the moment I get to control Mario: 36''90



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