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Published on Jul 20, 2009

I just thought it'll be fun to take all of Ash's Pokemon and put them in a contest to see who is the best.
I was trying to answer this question: What will Ash's six Pokemon be if he was in a fight for his life?
If you don't exactly agree with what I've picked please leave a comment showing what you'd pick.
Song: Paralyzer by Finger Eleven

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1.) Charizard (only Pokemon Ash has that has been shown being able to take down a legendary.) 2.) Snorlax (practically unbeatable.) 3.) Muk (same as Snorlax.) 4.) Pidgeot (extremely loyal and has some crazy strong power behind it. It did substantial damage to Rhydon with a normal type attack when it was a Pidgeotto.) 5.) Lapras (extremely loyal as well and has some amazing water/ice combos to balance. Although, technically, he doesn't have Lapras anymore.) 6.) Pikachu (Pikachu is only SOMEWHAT good. Half the time it's knocking out Pokemon left and right and half the team it gets beat by wimpy Pokemon. Hardly reliable unless you're in a jam and want the gamble.)
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Marker Villacorta
HSN that almost copy Red's team. excluding blastoise and venusaur.
sahil khan
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lol Overheat and Flamethrower? Bitch, please. We all know that Charizard's finishing move is his fucking overpowered Seismic Toss.
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dustin edwards
yeah charizard is a motherfucker to beat when he uses seismic toss
Zachary Jacobs
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Animation Trainer
1.Pikachu (Defeated Regice and tied with Latios) 2.Charizard (Defeated Articuno and killer Pokemon) 3.Sceptile (Defeated Darkrai and extremely fast) 4.Infernape (After evolving it lost no battle except against Flints Infernape) 5. Frogadier/Greninja (Destroyed 2 grass types in one go) 6. Goodra (Gonna be a tank)
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Animation Trainer
Then for some reason Mega Lucario is really OP
Animation Trainer
That's weird 
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Shubhangi Anand
My top 6 1) Pikachu 2) Charizard 3) Sceptile 4) Infernape 5) Snorlax 6) Lapras
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Elizabeth Mohan
+Potato Cannon sh relised lapras
Shubhangi Anand
+Noah Sunny :)
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Tyler Schurr
1.Pikachu 2.Charizard 3.Infernape 4.Sceptile 5.Swellow 6.Bulbasaur This last spot is really up for grabs, his krokodile in B/W was a beast, Heracross and Snorlax put in work, you can choose tauros here too, bulbasaur should be mentioned here as well. Bulbasaur imo is one of Ashs most underrated pokemon. His Pidgeot can go here too, but im gonna say bulbasaur. Bulbasaur came up clutch for Ash numerous times through Kanto and Johto, along with the Battle Frontier. Bulbasaur gets my vote.
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+Chris de black The anime works differently than the games... By the way, stop being so damn adamant about stuff. The anime works very different to the games. Also, pikachu and ash get a reset when a anime start xD
+sethyuri Defeating a Gyarados is not much of a accomplishment when he is x4 weak to electric xD
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Anush Gopalakrishnan
-Charizard -Infernape -Greninja (if his frogadier evolves) -Sceptile -Krookodile -Torterra/Gliscor/Heracross Before anything else just keep in mind this is my opinion
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BoomBoomBro 101
hey is this opinion or did he not check on the pokemon statistically 
+sabo hakimi You realise you don't have to be an ass to someone for no reason LoL
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Monferno but not infernape? seems legit
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+Ocean3404k The pokemon manga was made AFTER the anime and doesn't follow the same storyline with Ash and stuff. It's "Pokemon Adventures" and features a different protagonist every "season" or when a region adventure ends.
Ken Tajiri
we already went over that twice.
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Charizard had to be number one. It rarely ever loses and shows up when Ash is in the most difficult situations. Quite frankly this Charizard needs to be in the HOF.
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Jancy Varghese
Midnight lol charizard lost because of the stupid refere and if it was annoyed by pikachu it would sweep his team, also ash wasn't an experienced trainer back then look at hoenn and unova charizard kicks ass
Harvey Noble
+dorian mills I actually do. It was kind of sad. But nothing is more sad than seeing Pikachu get beat by a lvl. 5 Snivy. At that moment, I realized, you can only compare end of region Pikachu to any of Ash's other pokemon.
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Charizard - arguably his strongest pokemon and he's not even the one training him. Says something doesn't it?  Pikachu - his starter Sceptile - Ash's powerhouse in the Hoenn region Infernape - Specifically because of Blaze. Imagine Charizard busting out blaze! Oooohhhhh... Snorlax - when he gets off his ass to do something is a monster (I can't think of a 6th pokemon that stands out above the others. e.g. Squirtle and Bulbasaur are about even in my eyes).
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