If We Ever Meet Again; Episode 1





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Published on Jan 5, 2011

If We Ever Meet Again Episode One;[My Office]

Demi's POV

It was Monday morning September 23rd 2010. I got out of the cab and paid the
taxi driver.

I looked up at the building, it read 'Elite Magazine' this is my new job.Elite Magazine is one of the most read magazines in Manhattan. It had its latest gossip, the latest trends, its healthy section, Whats happening in everyone's favourite shows, recipes for people that love to cook, a beauty section, and last but not least, its newest column 'Aspects Of Life' Written by Demi Lovato.
It had always been my dream to have my own part of a magazine, let alone in Elite Magazine.

I walked into the building's lobby, and a girl with brunette hair and a perky
attitude approached me.

'Hi,you must be our new Journalist,Demi Lovato'

'Yes,thats me' I smiled and shaked her hand

'Its nice to meet you Demi,im Nicole Anderson'

'Nice to meet you to,Nicole'

'Alright let me show you around'She started walking,i followed

It had been almost fifteen minutes and we had been through the entire building,she introduced me to practically each and every member of this magazine,wether it may be the main editor or the janitor,my hand is officially
sore of shaking others hands.

I was to caught up massaging my hand to notice that we reached my office.


'Huh?'i looked up

'This is your office'Nicole retorted

'This is MY office?!'I exclaimed joyfully.

It was a lovely spacious area with a brown leather couch,a desk with one of those spinny chair things (A/N xD) and a huge window that had a perfect view of the city.

'Mhmm'Nicole nodded

'Wow,this is amazing! I never thought i'd get an office i assumed i'd get a cubical or something'

'Well you better believe it honey,cuz' your column will probably be hitting it off,i
read your CV and let me tell you, your work is amazing!'

'Thank you Nicole,i appreciate it' I smiled

'Anytime,so i better get going i'm the receptionist in the lobby,i'll see you around'

'Alright thanks'
With that she left.

I rested my Gucci hand bag and Louis Vitton briefcase on the leather couch and examined my office.

This was incredible. I smiled to myself and started to dance in the middle of my office.

I heard someone snicker and i turned around to find a girl standing in my
doorway. I guess i forgot to close the door.

'Um,sorry about that' I said whilst adjusting my three quarter pencil skirt.

'Its fine, it's good to have a goofy colleague'

I blushed

'Im Selena,Selena Gomez'She put out her hand for me to shake, people love
handshakes in this building 'You must be our new Journalist,Demi Lovato?'

'Yeah,thats me'

'Great, I write the beauty section'

'Oh cool,i love that part of the magazine, you really know your make-up' i

'Your funny,i like you'


'So,theres a meeting at ten,in the board room were going to discuss October's

'Am i supposed to come to that meeting?'

'But of course! You're an Elite-er now 'She jumped and sat on the couch

'Elite-er?' I asked baffled

'Haha,yeah that's my word for all the members of the magazine'

'You have wit, I like you'

'We like each other'

'Haha yeah we might become great friends'



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