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Published on Apr 24, 2011

A Mac might sound like a good idea, but here's the real deal.
I bought my mac with the accessories that I needed for a total of $2700.
A 15 inch, macbook pro, i5 2.53 GHz, about 11 months ago. Since then, I have had so many problems with it that Apple had to change the Hard Drive, and the logic board already. Now, the logic board is failing again, that's a 3rd repair on a computer less then 1 year old.
The issue isn't that Apple is not servicing the machine, but rather that this mac needed so much service. Apple has been pushing and pulling me back and forth with many appointment to the genius bar where they check for the problem, and MYSTERIOUSLY NOT FIND IT! Well, I decided to record the Problem on my phone and upload so that everyone else can see.

My Macbook pro's screen suddenly shuts off and the computer becomes unresponsive and I have to restart it manually. iPhoto, Aperture (which are photography and photo management programs) stop launching, and many many more things just lag.

So, when you think about buying a Mac, know that you are paying up the A$$ for it, and you will be getting the runarounds from Apple as long as you own that computer.

Get smart, get a PC. for 700$ you'll get a pc with the same specs as a $2000 mac.


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Macs are the computers for rich kids with 0 brains
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+Juan Gaspard ps3 has no gaemz
Juan Gaspard
+Ender Hunter Well that explains that, the new Mac's have the power of a PS3 more or less.
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Yeah sure, don't buy a mac. That Bing shirt says it all.
Mich Begg
fuck you you fucking fuckfucker...you wasted 2 fucking minutes of my fucking life...with your fucking video...you fuck
Stealth 101
Youre just a fucking kid so stfu K?
I bought an imac 5 years ago, never got a virus, and it runs as fast as my brother's new pc
That's because PCs have no innate specs. A PC is merely a personal computer. Some are better than others depending on the content. One could construct a PC with outdated content, or build a cutting edge PC. Either way, the PC was still cheaper.
Dassa Juárez
Just because yours doesn't work doesn't mean that all macbooks or apple product dont work. Please dont over generalize 
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John Smith
+Kernel Pad well afaik I read correctly that he did, ... and they didn't find nothing wrong.
+John Smith Didn't you notice that it could just be an issue/refurbished, if he was smart enough, he would send it back to the apple store.
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GD/TF2 Fan
Still getting one, fuck fuck. :) DISLIKE Besides, Mac is anti-virus.
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Keegon McPherson
+Anton Kandalin you talking to me? I don't like Windows that much either but my opinion if that kind of thing changes a lot. Edit: oh you said why lol. Because I hate being constricted to the exact same boring desktop environment. 
Anton Kandalin
Wait, what is your reasoning that Windows is the best operating system?
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if most of the people hating on this video about "macs don't lag" & "pc's suck" actually knew anything about how computers work then they would most definitely switch to PC. read this: http://www.mediafire.com/view/y7ond1qd1o9k6os/Mac_vs._PC_Analogy.jpg
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me too thanks
Macs are much more stable, not that much more expensive and look great. the windows OS is ugly as shit, but its' much cheaper and you can pretty much configure your own PC.
André Breda
Yup, but I can't say it's not reliable... My mac is 2 yrs old and with the latest (free) software upgrade it's a bit faster than when I bought it!
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James Barker
Sounds like it's a personal issue have you been throwing it off a balcony or something? I've had my mid 2012 Macbook Pro for a 18 months now and nothing has gone wrong and I'm a heavy power user I have Adobe Master Collection CS6 and run Audition and Premier Pro sometimes Compressor and a couple other smaller programs at the same time and have had no issues. I edit videos weekly and nothing has ever gone wrong I even run my fans at 6,000 rpm using SMC Fan Control and they are still brand new. If you don't take care of your shit of course it's going to fuck up. Don't blame Apple because you don't know how to care for your stuff.
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Frank Castle
+Yoseph Radding what kind of GPU does it have? and can you upgrade it like sager/clevo, alienware, and other similiar laptops?
Yoseph Radding
+Paul Margettas You can't change anything? well shit you should have told me before i put a 1 terabyte harddrive, 16 gigs of ram and a new intel i7 into my macbook pro that initially came with 500gb hdd 4 gigs of ram and an i5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . well i guess its to late now. im going to have to suffer with that much power
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Sorry man, I already bought a Mac. In fact I've been using Macs since the first Power Macintosh.
Austin Gregory
biggest waste of 2 minutes of my life
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