Get In There: TF2 [Live Commentary] Buffed Crusader's Crossbow





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Published on Jul 15, 2012

I only say it a few times.

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"as medic you don't have random crit, only random no-crit"
.The Randomizers.
times when i get crits: -rocket jumping -missing a shot -aimlessly swinging around to find a dead ringer spy -dying before crit flames or whatever do any significant damage
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A Platypus God
When I get crits: When they're guaranteed. When my sniper uses the ham.
+That guy with the fork when i get crits: -when i charge as demoknight -when a medic charges crits on me -when i go on an all-crit server
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Erik L'Ecluse
You know what I hate as medic? When people are about to die, then i start to heal them, then they go get health! It's like, "Don't you understand übercharge builds faster when you aren't full health!?" I also hate it when you yell medic because you have like 7 health and are on fire while you are behind a medic and they don't heal you.
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+Alex K lol if you're actually aware the medic is near they're so easy to take down.
The best is when you're healing someone, and that asshole wouldn't jump in front of you to save you from the arrow... No he let's you die... GENIUS
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4:43 - if you look closely, the Heavy was actually getting pushed back by the Wrangler and couldnt do anything about it and get closer. He probably just crouched thinking it might avoid the pushback, which was in vain, but it didnt hurt his position. It's actually STAR's fault for not blocking the Wrangler and not trying to absorb the push force himself. Yes, I have no idea who I am even telling this too. I mean it's just three years later.
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Sir Caco
Glass? Who gives a shit about glass? Who the fuck is this?
+stalk8r but crouching on tele to not get pushed away by team mates works, right? right? RIGHT?
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Nights Shade
Medics actually have a higher crit chance than other classes.
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Mr potooto
Pan has a big chance
+mistercococat peace Heavy's just like: USE BOOLET
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Medic gets alot of random crits in melee, of course he does, He knows where your liver is!
Shark Wrestler
+KenshiImmortalWolf looo loo looo!
Silver Marksman
does anyone else feel like the ubersaw crits all the time?
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.The Randomizers.
no random crit only random no crit
+Isaac Toth heavy rampage :D
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Grim The Gnoll
If you wanted useless medic you should have gone, Overdose, Vaccinator, and Vita-Saw
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Alex Lalikian
+Grim The Gnoll vacc is crap after the nerf
+Grim The Gnoll Vaccinator didn't even exist back then
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Notreak Ward
The loadout you call "stupid and useless" is actually the most useful way to play medic possible. This would have made more sense if it was uploaded on April 1st.
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Jack Schwarz
I honestly think that ArraySeven would be a good medic if he didn't always go battle medic. Battle medics are only good in the situation where everyone on your team can't kill and you're the only competent one. That never happens in competitive situations and rarely on servers that aren't pubs. At a competitive standpoint, battle Medic is useless because any other class can kill others easier than Medic can.
Wild Card
Ikr,just look at arrayseven!
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Well, the Heavy did have a Wrangled Sentry on him, which keeps him knocked back.
+Hentho Lin Well he learned it the hard way when he ubered in the room with 3 sentries.
It's called "Being aware of your surroundings", STAR_.
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