Teach Me How To Skip It





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Published on Oct 13, 2010

Can you?
Higher quality: http://www.vimeo.com/15809193



They be like bro, what? Can you teach me how to skip it?
You know why? Cus all the kids be trippin, ayyy
All i need is my feet be super jumpin
and for you you you, to back me up fist pumpin
put your leg out jump, we goin nationwide
they gun be on you when they see you do the skip it right?
aint nobody messin with my toys from 95
we go dummy and we hit that dance with pride
im straight from cali but i dont know how to dougie
i show my moves off and all the girls try n hug me
i got my pizza in the ranch i like to dip it
i always ask for 2 but the ladys always trippin
when it gets chilly i put on swag and then i zip it
if a commercial comes on i got t vo and i skip it
my moves are so clean but yours are in the gutter
you can call me skippy just like the peanut butter


I know Im not the only homie whos prone to hit his skip it
When I see a dance off I walk right up and I hit it
Right foot gets a hoppin and my left I start to spin it
Bro dont even try to finish cause Im in it to win it
Them itty bitty biddies always tryna do the skip with me
you should all know that my skipping idol is miss d
Watch me skip it to the beat while I paint a masterpiece
always skipping with my boys big willy and tyler d
So if you tryna find me, then I'll be on my heiney
In the bathroom stall practicing my moves and my timing
I school these fools cause my fancy feet are blinding
Look at me im shining like a girl named bella likes me
And if you got a lid I know youll surely flip it
Gotta stay in shape, got some water watch me sip it
My point i will restate just in case you missed it
You taught me how to dougie now sit down and watch me skip it


people see me on the street, they say why you skip it B?
cus its the next big thing comin out of EG
I do it erryday, breakfast lunch and dinner
if you come at me with a skip it, ill always be a winner
forget hop scotch hula hoop and that jump rope
skip its where its at my moves be oh so dope
S-K-I-P thats right
like a g6 my style takes flight
jump hop its really not that hard
when i skip thru your hood, you better be on your guard
ive been at the skip it since day numba one
its a well known fact i go all the way like a home run
forget about jerk dougie and crank that soulja boy
this is what its all about you can bet its the real mccoy
my moves are clean, check my ankle gyration
this is the next youtube sensation sweeping the nation


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