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Published on Jul 19, 2008

Milosevic Trial - Corruption Of International Justice

The media demonized the Serbs and Milosevic and said they were committing genocide. It turns out to be false. No genocide was committed, there were no concentration camps, and the prosecutions couldn`t prove anything. Milosevic died under suspicious circumstances while still imprisoned. Something fishy is going on here. This documentary shows that Slobodan Milosevic was falsely accused.

The witnesses of the so-called genocide were payed for by the tribinal if they told horrible stories about Milosevic and the Serbs. Many of them were KLA war criminals, who in return for their stories got a special permit which made them unprosecutable, what ever they had done.

In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp. But the death camp story was a lie. The ITN crew had filmed from inside a fenced-in storage area. By shooting through the fence ITN created footage that gave the impression that the Bosnian men were imprisoned. With a little editing, this footage was turned into pictures that gave the impression of a death camp - media manipulation (media's falsities and manipulations with fabricated images).

The entire trias is a huge SET UP! The judge is TOTALLY HOSTILE to Milosovic!

He accepts statements from albanian peasants who sate that they have heard about Milosovic's men riping the hearts out of wemen and elders in some village, but the JUDGE CENSORS REFUSES and REJECT the declaration of the former VICE-PRESIDENT of Yougoslavia who proves Milosovic had no involveent in any genocode action.

Must see that episode! See what the Judge says and how he said it! Hear his voice and look at him!

He wants Milodovic charged with genocide no matter what!Regardless of any evidence! He wants Milosovic down because of political interests!

Because it was clear as day that the witnesses were false, and there was no evidence to convict him, "MILOSOVIC MISTERIOUSLY DIES AT HAGUE"...


Let me give you a hint... so that NATO comes out clean for bombing Yougoslavia in 1999...

That was the whole point in SLOBODAN MILOSOVIC trial. To justify NATO's unprovocked aggresion againgst a sovereign state.

CAN'T YOU SEE THE TRUTH? We were completely manipulated by NATO, America, Germany and others to belive such proposterous lies as "Milosovic war criminal", or "Sebian concentration camps in Kosovo to exterminate the poor defenceless and good albanians" or "Albanians were the victims of the killer serbs in Kosovo" etc, etc.

Orthodox Brother Serbs, LOVE FROM ROMANIA!

Kosovo este Serbia!(Kosovo is Serbia!)
si (and)
Slobodan Milosovic este nevinovat!
(Slobodan Milosovic is innocent!)


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