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Published on Jan 31, 2010

Casey Bourque offers assistance on typical setup and stance concepts for hitting fairway woods. He expresses the importance of ball position and enabling clean contact. Visit About-Golf.org or CaseyBourque.com to see and read more. Comments, questions, Subscribes & Likes are always welcome!

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Hitting the 3-wood off the deck, is the sternum slightly ahead of the ball AT IMPACT? Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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Casey Bourque
Fairway woods off the deck are tough...long club, tight lie, small margin for error. I suggest a great deal of emphasis on your setup. Be certain your lines (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles) are parallel left, weight centered, ball position inside left heel. Choking up will give you a bit of clubhead control, but not much more. As for swing, sounds cliche, but maintain balance and tempo. It's easy to get fast. Simplify your motion, minimize lateral motion, more rotation around stable spine. GL! 
Charles Stone
I like ur channel. How about doing a video on the 3 wood chip shot that Dufner was so consistent with in the PGA championship. 
Alright, thanks for taking a look at my swing! I do have another question though. I am reading the Swing Plane Rehearsal Drill and I do not quite understand this part: "From there, move 6 - 8 inches at a right angle toward your stance side of the target line." I have seen people put dowels or shafts to their left and right but I am not sure quite where they should be placed and at which angle. I am going to try a few drills and work on swing plane until I get that figured out. Thanks again!
Casey Bourque
It looks like you may have a little "over the top" move in your swing, contributing to your slice and lack of distance. Check out the Articles section of my website and read up on swing plane in the fundamentals section and swing plane drills in the practice section. Over the top means you're striking the ball from the outside - in rather than down the line. This shows itself with a lack of extension in your follow through. Good Luck! 
I have posted a video response of my golf swing that was done with a 3 wood. I believe I hit a little above the ground but it was about what my normal swing is like. Although, when I hit a golf ball, my followthrough is not nearly that far, almost as if the club stops halfway up my left side. Just after the recording, I hit the golf ball and accidentally threw my club into the trees next to me on the finish. Guess I was holding the club a little too loosely, or my grip was bad.
Casey Bourque
There are lots of reasons why players struggle with distance, i.e. clubhead speed, efficiency of contact, angle of attack, swing sequence, etc. If I could see a video of your swing, especially from a frontal view (like my fairway vid), I could probably suggest some things. As for distance separation between the clubs, this is simply a function of less overall distance. Long hitters have more separation, short hitters, less. Let's get you some distance, then the club separation will be fine. 
Hey Casey, I am having some trouble with getting good distance on my golf shots. I have watched tons of videos on stance and ball position and have virtually gotten rid of the horrible slice I used to have through working on grip and stance. My problem is, I can hit roughly the same distance with a 4 Hybrid, 5 wood, 3 wood, and driver. My 4 hybrid and 5 wood may be slightly shorter but same area. I hit all of those about 150-175 yards. I would really appreciate some help on gaining distance.
Casey Bourque
...with square setup, you'll have the best chance to catch ball with square clubface and good swing path. As for hand position, I like your hands more or less in front of your sternum for most every shot. With the driver, ball is positioned forward, so yes, your hands would be positioned slightly behind the ball at setup. This will encourage an ascending angle of attack, which is desired. Positioning the ball too far back in your stance with the driver can lead to compensations and inconsistency
Casey Bourque
20sainthockey: If you're hitting your 3 wood 300 yards, you're swinging with some serious clubhead speed. The issue with the driver is that clubface angle determines almost entirely where the ball will go...with your speeds, the margin for error is minimal. I haven't seen you swing, so difficult to answer some of your questions (send vid if you want). With driver, ball off left foot, left shoulder. Be very precise with your body lines (shoulders, hips, feet) to give you best shot at success...
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