Sunset Boulevard Part 2: A one-shot





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Published on Jun 14, 2010

here's part 2... make sure you read part 1 first!! :)
oh and p.s. if i get 150 subscribers (i need 1 more i'll probably do a small marathon :) )


"So, how do you feel about the beach?" Joe asked as we got in his car.
"The beach sounds perfect," I replied. It took us about 15 minutes to reach the beach. Luckily for us since it was a bit cooler tonight there weren't that many people out on the beach. We took advantage of the empty pier and walked to the end, sitting down and dangling our bare feet over the edge. We sat there for about 15 minutes or so just peacefully staring at the ocean until my phone interrupted the silence.
"Hey Nicole," I answered.
"Where are you?" she asked as Joe's phone started ringing as well.
"At the beach with Joe," I replied and seconds later Joe's phone stopped ringing causing us both to laugh. "You can give Nick and Kevin a ride home right?" I double checked.
"Yes, now go have fun with Joe," Nicole said suggestively. "And I know you can't yell at me because you're sitting next to him."
"But there's always later," I reminded her as I hung up. "I'm so glad we got here in time to see the sunset," I said turning to Joe.
"I am too," Joe replied.
"It's so beautiful," I commented as the sun slowly dipped below the horizon and the ocean causing the sky to become a gorgeous mix of pink, orange, and even a little purple. "Don't even say it," I warned Joe as I saw him open his mouth to start talking.
"How do you know what I was going to say?" Joe asked.
"Because I know you," I replied.
"Why can't I say it?" Joe asked.
"Because it's extremely cheesy," I told him.
"Fine, but since you know what I was going to say, it serves the same purpose as me saying because it's true," Joe smiled. I shook my head not believing him. "Well, whether you believe it or not, it's true, you are more beautiful than the sunset," Joe told me. I couldn't help but blush at Joe's compliment. I playfully pushed him as he laughed and put his arm around me. There was a slight breeze which caused me to shiver.
"You cold?" Joe asked me.
"Maybe a little bit," I confessed.
"Here you can wear my jacket," Joe said as he helped me put on his sports jacket.
"Thanks," I said smiling. Joe's arm remained around me and I rested my head on his shoulder as we watched the sun fade below the water. "Thanks for getting me out of that party; who knows how long Nicole stayed," I said as we both got ready to leave.
"No problem, I didn't want to stay either," Joe replied. "But there is one thing I want to do before we leave," Joe added.
"What's that?" I asked as we stood on the edge of the pier still holding hands. Joe didn't say anything he simply just leaned in, closing the gap between us, and kissed me. I was definitely shocked, but I would be lying if I said I had never thought about this happening. When Joe pulled away I couldn't stop smiling.
"Chelsea, will you be my girlfriend?" Joe asked.
"I'd love to," I somehow managed to get out. Joe smiled as we walked hand in hand back to his car and Joe drove me back to my house.
"I'll call you tomorrow," Joe said as I gave him a quick kiss goodbye before I got out of the car. When I walked into the house I saw Nicole sitting on the couch waiting for me.
"Is that Joe's jacket?" she questioned.
"Oh, yeah it is," I answered smiling just remembering the night.
"Okay, spill, I want all the details," Nicole said excitedly, patting the couch next to her indicating for me to sit down, which I willingly did.
"He asked me to be his girlfriend!" I said squealing like a little girl with excitement. Nicole joined in my excitement grabbing my hands as we both bounced on the couch.
"Finally, it took him long enough. You two have been secretly crushing on each other forever!" Nicole said once our excitement had died down slightly. "And you didn't want to go tonight," she joked causing me to roll my eyes.
"Well, I'm going to try to get some sleep," I told her getting up from the couch.
"Good luck," Nicole replied. I laughed knowing she was right, it would be difficult for me to fall asleep. Just as I was about to go to bed I got a text from Joe.
Joe: Night Chels. Miss you already :) ♥
Okay, he is officially the cutest and sweetest person ever.
Me: Night Joe. Miss you too. ;) ♥
After I texted Joe I got in bed and fell asleep with a smile on my face. For once I was actually happy that I had gone to a Disney party. I never would've guessed I would ever be thanking a Disney party, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

as you may know i love Chelsea Staub & i think her and Joe are adorable together
not going to lie, i thought this would need 3 parts...
so my cousin is coming to visit on wednesday :) which means i won't be able to post while she's here (she leaves Sunday) but i should be able to post wednesday before i pick her up from the airport


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