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Published on Jul 17, 2009

I got so many ideas about a twilight jemi lol so i was like need to make!!
I was that exicited i didn't make a trailer... :)

Mardy Bum - Artic Monkeys

Demi: *Wakes up* Ugh school, i need to find something to wear *Goes to her closet and takes out some clothes*
Trousers: http://www.bhs.co.uk/mall/productpage...
Top: http://www.bhs.co.uk/mall/productpage...
Shoes: http://www.bhs.co.uk/mall/productpage...

Demi: *Looks in mirror and straightens out her top* Thats good enough *Walks downstairs* Hi mum

Mrs. Lovato: Hi sweety your breakfast is on the table, don't be to long or you'll miss your first day of school

Demi: Sure sure *Eats her breakfast, then runs up stairs to brush her teeth and do her hair* Done *Walks downstairs* I'm off now mom! Bye! *Kisses her mums cheek*

Mrs. Lovato: Bye sweety!

Demi: *Walks outside* Wow it's colder then i expected, i don't have a coat.. *Sighs*

???: But i do!

Demi: *Turns around* Uhm.. Hi, do I know you?

???: No, I'm Taylor... Taylor Lautner

Demi: I'm Demi *Shakes his hand* Your boiling!

Taylor: Oh yeah... I was in my house.. and err... we had the heating on high...

Demi: Ok..

Taylor: Here take my jacket

Demi: Are you sure?

Taylor: Of course.. like you said, im boiling *Smiles*

Demi: Thank-you, I owe you *puts on his jacket*

Taylor: You don't owe me anything.

Demi: *Thinks* I like this guy!

Taylor: So you new here?

Demi: Yeah I came from England

Taylor: That explains your cute accent

Demi: *Blushes*

Taylor: *Smiles at her* Do you want me to show you round school?

Demi: I'd like that *Smiles back at him*

At school

Taylor: Oh look your lockers next to mine and....Joe's *Growls*

Demi: *Confused* Did you just growl?

Taylor: What? Oh no i err.. i didn't have breakfast coz mom needs to go to the food store but she forgot *Thinks* That was close

Demi: *Believes him* Oh ok!

Taylor: So what class do you have next?

Demi: Free period, with Mrs Rodgers

Taylor: *Sad* Oh i have English

Demi: I'll see you at lunch?

Taylor: Of course, bye! *Walks off to class*

Demi: *Walks to her class*

Mrs Rodgers: You must be Demi?

Demi: Thats right

Mrs Rodgers: This is free period so you can do anything you want as long as you don't leave the school ground

Demi: Ok thanks *Takes a seat and takes her book out. Starts reading*

#1: Hey whose the new girl? *Whispers*

#2: I don't know but she's hot!

#1: *Growls* Shut up Nick!

Nick: What did I do!?

#1: Everything

Nick: Explain..

#1: Errr well there was this time... when you err did this thing...then there was another time when you also did it again....---

Nick: *Claps slowly* Clever Joe clever, obviously there is nothing rong with me i'm all perfect! *Grins*

Joe: Yeah sure, of course

Nick: Well i'm gonna talk to her *Grins*

Joe: *Growls* If mom and dad find out that you have been flirting with humans they will kill you! *Whispers*

Nick: That they wont find out... but Ashley did see her with the mongrel

Joe: *Growls louder but no one hears him* You mean Taylor!?

Nick: Find out for your self *Walks over to Demi*

Demi: *Feels like someone is watching her, slowly pulls her book down*

Nick: *Infront of her face*

Demi: *Screams*

Mrs Rodgers: Miss Lovato! Is there a problem!?

Demi: Sorry Miss...

Nick: Sorry, im Nick and i'm a vam..... very hungry

Demi: Demi, and uhm if your hungry go eat something....

Nick: I don.... err i don't like what my mom gave me cya!! *runs back to Joe*

Joe: *Glares at him* Wait till mom and dad find out that you nearly exsposed our secret!

Nick: It's not my fault, im a newborn!!
---------------------------------------- ----

What secret?
Joe, Nick and Taylor seem.... Different!


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