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Published on Jan 1, 2013

Hello Youtube,

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I watched this some time ago and I thought it was really important for all of you to watch it. So here it is:

Feminism and Nazism.

Anti-Feminists insist that Feminism and Nazism are very similar.

There is good reason for this. The Nazis were around well before the heavy duty violence and the gas chambers, and for quite some time they operated in a manner that paralleled in many ways the more recent activities of Feminists.

Feminist and Nazi ideology have a lot in common.

Some might say that making this comparison trivializes the terrible experiences of the Jews in Germany in the 1930's, but making this comparison does not do this at all. It brings the attention to the people the kind of forces that gave rise to Nazism and as far as matter concerned it makes the understand a little better the horribleness of discrimination and demonization.

Furthermore, most Jewish groups do not actually highlight the Holocaust in order to gain everybody's sympathy, they do it so that people can simply learn. They do it so that people can see if something heinous is creeping up on us.

Here are 30 similarities between Feminism and early Nazism:

1. Both have discriminated against individuals on the basis of their genetic code.

2. Both have promoted the view that the targeted group was inferior genetically and behaviorally. e.g. see AH's Men Bear a Striking Resemblance to Slugs.

3. Both have promoted propaganda that lead to the targeted group being labeled as parasites. e.g. see AH's Steven Jones - A Parasite?

4. Both have promoted propaganda that lead to the targeted group being constantly ridiculed. e.g. see Incredible Shrinking Y by Maureen Dowd.

5. Both have promoted propaganda that lead to the targeted group being laughed at when mutilated. e.g. Bobbit jokes.

6. Both have demonized the targeted group by labeling them as perverts and sexual criminals. e.g. see Put Up or Shut Up by Wendy McElroy

7. Both have sought to break the target group away from their families e.g. see The Federal Bureau of Marriage? by Professor Stephen Baskerville.

8. Both have promoted the view that the targeted group was responsible for most of the major ills in society.

9. Both have disseminated lies and disinformation about the targeted group in order to further promote their own ideology, e.g. see Msinformation by Professor Christina Hoff Sommers

10. Both have disseminated lies and disinformation about historical matters, e.g. see AH's Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work?

11. Both have used intimidation, threats and coercion to prevent their opponents from speaking out e.g. see AH's Feminists are nasty things.

12. Both have promoted the lie that the privileged group consisted of innocent 'victims' of the targeted group e.g. "women have been oppressed throughout history."

13. Both have demanded special privileges in the workplace for members of the privileged group e.g. preferential job placements for women

14. Both have discriminated against the targeted group in educational matters and in the workplace e.g. see AH's Well Done the Girls?

15. Both have perverted the justice system so that members of the targeted group were easily discriminated against in the law e.g. in family courts.

16. Both have arranged matters so that accusers from the privileged group could be shielded by anonymity in the courtroom e.g. in sex-assault cases.

17. Both have arranged matters so that defendants from the targeted group had to 'prove' their innocence e.g. in sex-assault and domestic violence cases.

18. Both have arranged matters so that members of the privileged group could capriciously define what, legally, was to be deemed 'a crime', e.g. where nowadays the 'feelings' of women rather than the behaviours of men are the determinants of what constitutes 'a crime' e.g. see The Real Goal Of Feminism by Antonia Feitz - 18 min

19. Both have arranged matters so that members of the privileged group could capriciously define how the law was to view certain matters e.g. a fetus inside a woman can now be deemed by her - at her whim - to be a worthless piece of tissue or a prospective baby - with all the ramifications of this - regardless of how the father might feel about it all e.g. see AH's Rant Against the Child Support Agency. (Also sexual harassment etc.)


The question is: How do we defeat 45 years of "Feminist" Domestic Violence Industry Evil Indoctrination that is now Indoctrinated into Politics, the Government, Courts, Police and General Public, Encouraging an Epidemic of False Accusations of Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and Rape, that:
- Women are Good, All Men are Violent and Rapists!
- Women are helpless Victims, Men are Perpetrators!
- Women need Help and Protection, Men must be Restrained, Prosecuted and Jailed! ?

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root" - Thoreau, Henry David


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