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Uploaded on Apr 15, 2011

Don Chisciotte - Francesco Guccini e Juan Carlos Biondini
El Caballero Don Quijote - Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón (2002)

Don Chisciotte è il settimo brano dell'album Stagioni di Francesco Guccini,
scritto da Beppe Dati e Goffredo Orlandi con il titolo originale per esteso,
Don Chisciotte e Sancho Panza.
Guccini vi apportò solo alcune lievi modifiche ai tempi di Cirano, nell'album
D'amore di morte e di altre sciocchezze, mentre il titolo venne poi abbreviato
e ridepositato presso la SIAE con l'aggiunta della firma del cantautore
modenese in qualità di paroliere.
Il testo trascrive il dialogo tra i due personaggi del romanzo di Cervantes,
in cui lo stesso Guccini veste i panni di Don Chisciotte e Juan Carlos Biondini
quelli di Sancho Panza, rivisitando le folli imprese del cavaliere della Mancia
e del suo fedele scudiero in chiave metaforica moderna.
Riguardo il bel film teatrale di M. Gutiérrez Aragón qualche piccola innocente
licenza per così dire artistica se l'è presa qualcun'altro (apologize illo ;)

About Love Death (and other follies)

I've read a thousand stories about knights errant
ventures and victories of the rights on the bullies
to be still closed with my books in this room
like a lazy coward deaf to all suffering
In the world today more than yesterday dominates injustice
but of heroic knights we have no more news
for this Sancho need above all a generous impulse
also was just a crazy dream
Fetch me the saddle why my brave commitment
I have promised my lovely Dulcinea del Toboso
and Sancho I'll give you a castle but don't accept a refusal
Come saddle the horse
you'll be my squire my shadow comforting
and with this pure heart with my shield and Rocinante
I'll pierce with spear injustice day and night
as is true in La Mancha that my name is Don Quixote

This fool is not feeling well need a doctor
never being in a good mood best not to contradict him
he is the saddest figure ever appeared on earth
knight without fear in a lonely war
began to love of a woman known
inside an inn by the hour where she is a prostitute
but thinking to have seen a real princess
he wanted at all costs make her that promise
and so long we take only kick ass
without do not know where we are
without eating and nor drinking
and this wild madman which is the most naive of children
just yesterday crashed himself against the blades of windmills
He is a stubborn an idealist with too many dreams in the brain
Instead I'm more realistic and settle for a castle
He will appoint me governor and I will have plenty of land
as it's true that I also have a heart and my name is Sancho Panza

Sancho get up it's late you would not want sleep still
only cowards and cynics don't wake up at dawn
for the first is indifference and contempt for the values
and for the others is reluctance in respect of duties
Injustice isn't the only evil that's devouring the world
the soul of man have often hit rock bottom
but we must act quickly because as time passes
the enemy is shadowy and become entangled skein

About this be a foreshadowing of things
the other day when he saw those helpless sheep
he attacked them as if were an army of Moors
so that at the end have bitten us than dogs even shepherds
Was plain like day is not it my Lord?
I may be coward and sleepyhead but not a traitor
I only believe in what I see
and the reality for me is the only one rule I own
as it's true that now I'm hungry

Sancho listen me please
also I was a realist but now almost I don't care
and even if I have a good view appearance serves me correctly
I prefer surprises of my tyrannical soul
that turns with its tricks the fact here before
but opens me other eyes and lights up new feelings
Earlier today I was bored and wanted even die
but now I'm a different man that is not afraid to suffer

My Lord unfortunately I am a poor ignorant
and about his speech abstract understood little or nothing
but even if courage take me off the laziness
could we alone never bring justice?
In a world where evil is at home and always won
where reigns capital nowadays more and more ruthlessly
can he succeed with this nag and this idle squire
to defeat the power and save the whole world?

Dear Sancho want you say that I should pull back
because the evil and the power look so gloomy?
And besides I should give up a little bit of dignity
but it's hard for me to accept that this is the reality?

Power is the garbage of the human history
and although we are only two romantic scraps
will spit our hearts in the face of injustice day and night
We are the heroes of La Mancha
Don Quixote and Sancho Panza!

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