English Phrasal Verbs - Unit 2

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Publicado el 23 dic. 2007

English Phrasal Verbs Unit 2

get...over with

To do or finish an unpleasant
but necessary piece of work
or duty so that you do not
have to worry about
it in the future.

I'll be glad to get
these exams over with.

Let's fix both cavities
today, doctor; I just
want to get it over with.

go along with

To support an idea, or
to agree with
someone's opinion.

Kate's already agreed,
but it's going to be
harder persuading Mike
to go along with it.

What's my opinion?
I go along with Omar.

go along with

When you obey a rule
or follow a decision,
you go along with it.

Mrs. Taylor wasn't happy
about the committee's
decision, but she went
along with it anyway.

I don't care what the boss
says — I'm not going
along with any changes
that will mean longer
hours for less money.

go in for

To do something
regularly, or to
enjoy something.

I've never really
gone in for classical
music, but I love jazz.

Bryan really goes in for
any kinf of
outdoor activity.

screw out of

To obtain something
from someone by
using force or threats.

We'll screw every
last penny out of him.

Their sleazy son-in-law
screwed them out of
thousand of dollars.

talk down to

To use a tone of voice or an
attitude that shows you think
they are less intelligent, less
educated, or from a lower
level of society than you.

I was furious about
the way he
talked down to me!

Bob hates Jane because
of the way she
talks down to him.

cheat on

If you cheat on your
husband, wife or usual
sexual partner, you
secretly have a sexual
relationship with
someone else.

She found out
that he'd been
cheating on her.

Can you believe it?
She was cheating on
me with my best friend!

cheat on

To do something dishonest
so that you
can do better on a test.

The teacher caught Ali
cheating on the exam.

If I didn't cheat on
the tests, I'd never
pass any of my classes.

look up

To visit someone who you
have not seen for a long time
when you are visiting
the place where they live.

Look me up next time
you're in Los Angeles.

I was in Dallas on business,
and I looked up Dan Jones,
my old college roommate.

look up

To become better.

I hope things will start
to look up in the new year.

Our financial situation
is looking up at last.


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