One Of Those Girls - Part Three Chapter Four





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Published on Oct 16, 2008

Part Three Chapter Four!


Night of the Party!

POV (Kevin)
I sat on my bed looking out the window. It was a cloudy night perfect for a Halloween party. I had just finished getting dressed when I heard Nick and Joe talking in the hall in hushed tones. I walked over to the door quietly to listen more carefully.
So are you going to you know Nick said.
I mean I hope she wants to. I love her, a lot Nick and I think this would mean the world to us. Joe said. Well I got you back in case anything goes wrong and make sure you protected. Nick chuckled softly. Thanks just make sure Mom or Kevin doesnt come into my room after 11 oclock. Joe whispered back. And then they walked away down the steps where the music was just starting. I knew what Joe was going to do now and I wasnt happy about it one bit. If mom found out she would be furious at Joe for breaking his promise. Then I thought what about Jessica she wouldnt dare break her purity ring promise would she?

POV (Jessica)
I was sitting in the guest room which was pretty much my room now, since I was practically family to the Jonases now. I was humming softly while brushing my hair and adding the last of my make-up. While Joe and I were shopping last week I had picked out the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. Its made of pure silk and feels so soft between your fingers. Its the color of crème. Ever since I bought it though, Ive been having dreams about me in it for the last week. In the dream Joe and I are dancing and then he pulls me away where we go to his room and he rips the dress off me. Sometimes it feels so real to me that I actually get scared. Thinking about it makes me so confused. I dont know if Im ready for that or now, sometimes I am but then at the same time I dont want to break my promise and I hope he doesnt either. I just wish I knew what he would think of it.
I heard a knock at my door shaking me out of my thoughts. I put my brush down and walked over to the door where Joe stood. Hello Beautiful. He said holding his arm out for me. I smiled as I opened the door wider for him to see my outfit. His mouth fell wide opened and I smiled as I twirled around once for effect. You, you, you look stunning. He said stuttering. Thats enough. I said laughing as I gave him a kiss and pulled away just a little before he kissed me again wanting me. These kisses were nothing we had ever had before and I wanted it to last forever. They probably would have if it werent for Kevin coming down the hall. Joe quickly pulled away from me and kiss my check before leading me down the stairs. I could hear the music and there was already a bunch of people there. Joe gave me a smile before showing me out onto the dance floor where we started to dance.

POV (Kevin)
I walked down the hall towards the party only to find Joe and Jessica sucking each others faces off. It hurt to see her so happy with him. Ive tried to get over her but its very difficult for me at times epically when Joe makes her really happy. Jessica looked gorgeous in her new dress and I wanted so badly to tell her but I knew if I did while Joe was standing there he probably would have punched me. Anyway I was headed down towards the party with a plan that burned in my head. I was going to make sure Jessica wouldnt go off with Joe to his room. I was hoping she wouldnt go herself but by the looks of it she seemed pretty into Joe tonight. My plan was simple to keep her away from Joe, Im going to try to dance with her as much as I can and then tell her how much I still love her and need her. Im just crossing my fingers and hoping she and Joe wont find out what Im doing exactly, even thought I dont know what Im doing myself but all I know is its for her, the girl of my dreams the one who was taken from me the one I want back in my arms again, Jessica.
Are Jessica & Joe serious about what they want?
Is Jessica sure about Joe or are her dreams telling her other wise?
Awwww and what about Kevin's plan? he sounds so sweet.


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