Guitar Hero: Guitar Tournament final





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Published on Aug 20, 2011

Assembly Summer 2011 AssemblyTV program.

Title: Guitar Hero: Guitar Tournament final

Download high quality video: http://media.assembly.org/vod/2011/As...

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For the people saying "I bet they couldn't play these songs with a real guitar" get off your high horse. You think 13 year old kids would be able to shoot guns because they play Call of Duty? .. drive big military vehicles because they play Battlefield? use the force because they play Star Wars? are you idiotic? so what if they couldn't they're playing Guitar Hero because they enjoy it. Leave them to it.
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Jake Jones
SGTTango that's not what we're trying to say. If they actually applied that much skill to playing guitar they'd have a genuine musical skill that they could have.
hola soy fredd
SGTTango hablen en español pls
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everyone: GH sucks. go play real guitar. me: call of duty is shit. go fight a real war.
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Sheryl Washington
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Robert Durst
If I was there I would've played Slow Ride on easy just to fuck with everybody
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EvilApple567 can't they just download it?
+ColoradoMoto If the fact that I know a song isn't in a game is too much for you and the OP's fragile ego to withstand, that's your problem not mine. Apparently correcting people is immature, good to know. Also you haven't explained why it's a good or funny joke, it isn't in the game, it makes no sense. If you're too simple to understand why someone with even a moderate understanding of the game wouldn't find this decade year old style joke fucking hilarious, then do us all a favor and fuck off.
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Naaman Villa
Take off your masks!! We all know your asians!!
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+Naaman Villa this is from finland and this is finnish... HAHA XD
Lanzenreiter Galaxis
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Connor Ferrand
Try to save some pussy for the rest of us, guys
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Myth Galaxy When did he ever say he played war games lol
Myth Galaxy
Blubber yeah and you'll get pussy when you fight in a real war
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Raphael Oliveira
its easier to play these solos on a real guitar..
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Darklord 04
I want every guitarist who says guitar hero is so much easier than real guitar to actually try beating Fury of the storm (the last song they played.) that would be hilarious 😂😂😂
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John Winning
Masturbation is forbidden in their homes. This is the result.
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FoxGirle Kooh
+John Winning HAHHAHAH
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l would be so nervous to play in front of so many ppl  lol
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David Escobedo
+Benkipz you're bad
Mike Voss
Benkipz It's at least the fifth hardest song in the series.
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John B
Always reminds me of the South park episode where they play guitar hero forever and then reach 1,000,000 points and at the end the game says "Congratulations, you've played guitar hero so much that you reached one million points, congratulations YOU ...ARE ...FAGS!". Not hatin', just sayin.
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trong nguyen
+wickednda2k :b.
Washington Banca
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FinalBlast Bobby
Only a true masteur-bator can increase his velocity by 10000 rpm a second bringing joy to the female species of this world hitting all the notes without missing.
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Shit, IamTehMostleetnanshankerinallofxboxlive is catching up to me. Anyone got any plans in mind?
Jason Penopolis
the guy on the right missed a few and went back up in no time!!! watching carefully will always help better!!!
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