What makes atheism more rational than other world views? (1 of 2)





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Published on Nov 19, 2010

The Atheist Experience #654, 4/25/2010. John, a theist from San Francisco, asks 'What makes atheism more rational than other world views?' He is a little unclear on a few basic concepts, and atheists Jen and Matt commence with taking him to school.


It's common to see complaints and accusations that atheists are arrogant or even smug. The point seems to be that atheists should re-frame their position radically so as to present themselves in a more appealing, amicable manner. Read more...

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Charles van Dijk
We live in a scientific age, not in a mythology age. Different rules.
Bruce Baker
+Charles van Dijk Something about "there is a time to put away childish things". If only I could remember the book that came from.
I swear to christ 99% of the hostility, vitriol and confusion Atheists receive from religious people comes from most religious people not understand the difference between "not believing in something" and "believing something doesn't exist"... Wish these people would pick up a fucking book, or better yet just engage their fucking brains and it'd save everyone a lot of time and energy...
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Caiaphas The Redeemer
if they picked up a book and got educated, they won't be christians
Paula Catlover
+E101ification I do the same thing. I'm just being smart. Not a minute ago I said "Oh my god!!" I need to learn some new ones. "Oh my cat!!"
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Tighe Crovetti
I think it's so frustrating that Matt has come up with this PERFECT analogy of the court room, and theists are completely unable to grasp it.
Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season
wow... the dude on the phone is kinda dumb.  Not for believing... but because he's kinda fucking dumb. 
Cam Free
I was coming down to comment this, hahahaha. Almost as good as JAYYYSONNNN
John Smith
why are religious just so uneducated?
Because religion replaces thinking. Everything you need comes from Jesus so there's none of that thinking nonsense required.
caveman Versace
What baffles me is that the country that put a man on the moon, created the factory line and countless other inventions, have people this retarded. How can someone go through life without ever questioning anything?
Ray Anderson
Like, fucking Christ, really, how many times do we have to explain that atheism isn't the assertion that gods don't exist, it's the rejection of theistic claims in that we don't believe in a god until presented with evidence to the contrary.
Patrick Kilduff
I am getting soooo tired of this semantic game...There is no 'Atheistic world view'!!. It's like a person who is honest...they don't have an 'honest world view', they just respond honestly to claims and questioning. Do you believers get it? Can you get it?
Paula Catlover
I am asserting that there is no god. I guess if he's insulted or hurt by that he can prove me wrong.
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'True christian'.....LOL that's why there are thousands of different christian sects all believing very different things? What makes you right, DevilFrog? Just because it's your personal idea it must be right? Many other christians disagree with you.
Paula.......... You didn't know why you were a Christian, therefore you were never a true Christian, just a puppet of your parents or a follower of friends, etc. there's probably a good reason why God didn't reveal himself to you personally, or maybe he actually did plenty of times and you just didn't realize it. the Bible is incredibly reliable and unique from any other religious text (I know someone will bring up other ancient stories that seem copied in the Bible but that's easily debunkable); this is a rant too long to type, but keep looking!, read my other comments, type in your questions on Google. I would recommend that you do something, just don't give up.... Good Luck
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