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Published on Dec 29, 2008

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Yeah, I'm now making Crash Team Racing videos as well, as it's the one of 2 games that works on my PS3.

Crash Team Racing is a kart racing game for Playstation.Yes, it's THAT old game.

Crash Team Racing was Crash Bandicoot's anwser to Mario Kart, and let me tell ya, it was a PERFECT ANWSER! Crash Team Racing can be still fast paced, really great game! I'm just first racing on tracks, and then I might film something else about this game.
This game has about 6 modes, each with it's own twist.
Adventure Mode has a high reference to Diddy Kong Racing's Adventure Mode, because you roam around the maps and go to races. In Adventure Mode you will race on all tracks in the game(well,if you don't count secret battle stages), getting Trophies, Relics and CTR Tokens. In the end of each map you will face a boss. Obviously you need to win that boss in order to move on. There are 4 bosses before the final boss, Nitrous Oxide. He's the main villain of the game.

Then there's Arcade Mode which I'm playing in in this video.
It's pretty simple, you first choose is it gonna be one race(choose any track, can be done endlessly) or a Cup(4 races in one cup).
I'm choosing one race. Then you choose are there gonna be 1 or 2 players playing the game. I play games for the most of time alone, so it's 1. Now,choose the difficulty. There are 3 difficulties(unfortunately): Easy,Medium and Hard. If you're a really pro player in this game, then Hard difficulty will be a total cakewalk if you play it with your full skills. Medium for me this time.
Then we get to the Character select screen. I have almost every character. The one who's missing is Fake Crash. I need to get him sometime soon....

And I wanted to show every starter character(characters who are playable at the beginning). I would like to introduce these characters quickly:

Crash Bandicoot - The main character of the game. He is balanced in every way, pretty much like Mario in Mario Kart.

Dr.Neo Cortex - The main villain of Crash series, well mostly. In this case, he's not. His classic laughs makes me remember old times...
He's also balanced in every way, just like Crash.

Tiny Tiger - First debyted in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, this is Tiny. A mutant tiger. Yes, his muscles LOOK strong. Seriously, he got to his kart like that? Anyway, his Top Speed is top class, but this costs him some turning, means that he will lose alot speed if he needs turn a lot.

Coco Bandicoot - Also debyted first in Crash 2, Coco Bandicoot is the only female character in the game(or if you see Pura as a female char,then feel free to), and Crash's little sister. She is great with computers, and she made some chips for her kart, that boosts her acceleration. So her acceleration is top class, but speed might be a little problem.

N.Gin - Cortex's right-hand-man. This guy debyted ALSO in Crash 2. He is probably a cyborg, just look at his face! He made some tunes to his kart, especially for acceleration. His abilites on kart are just like Coco's.

Dingodile - Not too far away from CTR, Dingodile first appeared in Crash Bandicoot:Warped(3). Just like Tiny, Dingodile's Top Speed is top class. He rules the straightways.

Polar - Yet another character, who debyte in Crash 2, this is a Polar Bear, whom Crash rided on in Crash 2 on some levels. Think him as Yoshi in Mario. Both Mario and Crash rides on these. Mario has Yoshi and Crash has Polar. Polar's turning is excellent, but this means a huge loss of speed.

Pura - A cat, yes a cat. He was Coco's "version" of Polar. Coco rided with Pura in Crash 3 in China themed stages. Just like Polar's kart, Pura's Top Speed is really low, but it makes up in better turning than any other kart.

The track of the video is Cortex Castle. It's one of my favourite tracks in this game. Why? It's long enough, and it has a good amount of ramps where to jump, plus, before the end of the track, there's a huuugggee leap from the top of the castle. It's soooo cooool everytime!
I'm using Crash on this one. He is evened in absolutely everything.
No wonder, he's the main character of the game. =)
Some other characters, like Dr.Neo Cortex(the main villain in Crash Bandicoot series) and Komodo Joe(a boss in Crash 2) are evened just like Crash.

Enjoy! More to come!
~ Kafzialer / Muggshotter


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