1. My 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T

  2. Ride Along With A Trucker!! Episode 7. "Winter Prairie Blow."

  3. Interior Tour of a 2012 Kenworth T660 Studio Sleeper

  4. UPDATE! Big exciting news, some silly cars, and stealing billboards!!

  5. Random Timelapse!! Episode 1


  7. RIDE ALONG WITH A TRUCKER Episode 5 Feat. Jamie Davis's Rotator Wrecker from the TV show.,

  8. Truckin Timelapse!

  9. A Collection of the most interesting Pictures ever!!!

  10. On Delivery with Swiftey!! Episode 2. (technically it's a pickup.)

  11. Flattened a stupid animal at night.

  12. 100 Subs thankyou video featuring our company on the "Highway Through Hell" Tv show!!

  13. On Delivery With Swiftey, Episode 1

  14. Broken down Vlog.

  15. How to lift Skirts!!

  16. Dale Sommers (Trucking Bozo) Memorial Show Hosted By Dave Nemo

  17. 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible 0-80Mph V6 Auto

  18. RIDE ALONG WITH A TRUCKER. Vacation Episode 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible. Keywest Florida.

  19. Trucker on Vacation. "Gatorland" Orlando, FL. Train ride, very funny tour guide!

  20. Train ride driver dancing!!

  21. Trucker on Vacation. Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

  22. 2012 Mustang convertible rental car.


  24. RIDE ALONG WITH A TRUCKER. Episode 2 "10 mile hill" Westbound into Golden BC

  25. RIDE ALONG WITH A TRUCKER (New series) Alaskan Highway Northern British Columbia

  26. New Swift Rigs!!!

  27. Its a Fucking Bear!!

  28. "Signpost Forest" in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada GoPro HD 1080

  29. Update from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, new camera, GoPro HD Hero 2

  30. Humming-bird gets stuck in my truck!!!!!

  31. Gravel Haulers protest at 401 Eastbound scale just east of Milton Ontario.

  32. absolutely gorgeous day at a roadside pull-out along lake superior.

  33. Trailer sunk on it's landing gear in soft area of parking lot.

  34. Warning: this is your brain on next to no sleep

  35. West Edmonton Mall Seal Kisses

  36. Tight loading dock

  37. Wreck on the transcanada

  38. Huge Oversize Load

  39. Fuel and truck talk, 7.6mpg!

  40. My Cousin calling tech support drunk!

  41. Life at home chilling with my cousin "Maxsentence" Dubstep/Electronic

  42. -20 degree weather, heavy fog, and wicked cool frost.

  43. Party in the Median!!!!

  44. Identify this Freight, Part 1

  45. A Night of Wrecks on highway 16, Edmonton to Saskatoon

  46. Custom lighting in my truck.

  47. Peace River Valley Alberta, view from the 43 southbound

  48. Fire trucks at the Grand Prairie Alberta Husky truckstop

  49. The solution to stupid environmentalists and their fuel efficiency

  50. Retired Police Harley Davidson!!

  51. My Truck, Exterior and under the hood. 2011 Freightliner Cascadia

  52. Wreck on 11 Northbound 49km south of Saskatoon, SK

  53. Skid Wrapping Machine!!

  54. Flooding? Jan 2012 Southern Saskatchewan

  55. UPDATE: New Job!!

  56. Cold Start, 2012 Freightliner Coronado SD With A DD15 Detroit Motor

  57. Bouncing Tire in New York City.

  58. 2011 Fiat 500 0-80mph

  59. 2012 Kenworth T440 with Cummins ISX motor, 0-50 mph

  60. New, new job update, featuring a 2012 Freighliner Coronado SD

  61. New Job, New Truck, Beginnings of my dream job!! Update Video

  62. Davidsfarm Three Wheeler versus Dirt Bike oval track race.

  63. DavidsFarm Three Wheeler doughnuts

  64. Graham rocking the Sky Hill at Davidsfarm 2011

  65. 18 Wheeler Skid School

  66. July 1st Fireworks Caledonia Ontario

  67. My new career, quick video while at school.

  68. Drunk Baron = Stuck Baron

  69. What I (used to) do for work, plus work truck mostly cold start