INDOCTRINATION - Chimpanzee versus Child. Why do children imitate slavishly?





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Published on Aug 27, 2010

An interesting study demonstrates how we are indoctrinated easily as children. We are told the 'answer' and do not question it from a very early age, we learn to trust authority.

Have you ever asked yourself why do I believe that oil is a fossil fuel made up from long deceased dinosaurs which once roamed the Earth although there is no scientific basis behind this so called general knowledge?

Russian scientists concluded oil is abiotic or in other words the Earth regenerates it naturally and continuously.

This is why the Deepwater Horizon hole may leak oil continuously without ceasing unless sealed with a micro nuke as the Russians once did to stop a similar leak.

What else have I accepted as truth and continue to do so without questioning other possibilities? What has changed since I was a child?

Do I really think for myself or do I repeat what I hear on television news media as fact?

What is at stake? Is there a war on for my mind?

Why in the age of science where we have the stem cell technology that our children could live forever do we see more evidence of the possibility a culling of the population ahead of us?

Neil Rockefeller revealed to the late Arron Russo in the movie "AMERICA: FREEDOM to FASCISM" that the United States would go to war with IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, and VENEZUELA almost a year before we ever did. Two out of three isn't bad but how did he know this?

He stated we would be fighting the invisible enemy of terrorism until our freedoms were gone and we would practically beg to be implanted with microchips for our safety delivering total control to the elite few.

Please do a search on YT for 'Matt Simmons BP oil spill' and you will see that he told the truth from the beginning putting BP executives at risk of going to jail.
Matt Simmons was executed for this using a weapon available today know as the 'heart attack gun' which can also be searched on YT to reveal a gun that will shoot a tiny dart that will dissolve in the body, cause a heart attack, but will not show up in an autopsy.

Do we really know who is in control? Is the President of the United States the most powerful man on Earth or is he kept in line doing the work of the 'Shadow Government' rulers of the world.

Why do we use a Federal Reserve Monetary System controlled by German Banks who technically have been our enemy in previous world wars?

What are the true implications of this? Why do we give our money to all these other developing nations, and who is behind this redistribution of America's wealth?

What would change if the United States printed its own money and stopped using the Federal Reserve System which is a private corporation owned by European Banks?

Everything previously stated is documented and available to you if you are willing to do the research.

It could only serve to benefit the U.S.A. and its true interests to print our own money so who and what keeps this control out of our hands and why?

Why does the US go bankrupt every 70 years and how could we possibly break free from this chain, and what keeps us and all our military might from doing so?

Who's will are we really doing? Why did Deutsche Bank of Germany receive all of the money used to bail out AIG?

What would happen to the power of the banks if businesses far and wide adopted a policy of accepting silver for payment of goods and services and relied less on fiat currency backed by nothing since 1971? These so called U.S. Dollars that aren't truly United States Notes?

What could be possible if all in the 911 truth movement decided to focus their energy on what is coming ahead of us rather than what has happened behind us?

It is only looking forward that you have a choice to make preparations and do something about anything as the past cannot be changed and is likely to continue to be incorrectly documented for our children to be indoctrinated with.

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