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Published on Sep 25, 2009

I suppose things were less politically correct in the sixties?

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Bruna Valentim
I think most part of The Beatles routine was like "John no" "John don't do this" "John stop" "omg John"
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kuitlahuak rafael argumedo vera
Bruna Valentim till he talks about God...
Bruna Valentim
+Maren Denison "wtf John?!"
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He was in fact making fun of and trying to distract Paul. Paul tried to introduce most of the songs, he was not that comfortable with it and he tended to ramble or stammer. John would make fun of him and that is all this is. What a whiney world we live in today. Get a life! Why not just ban the Three Stooges while you are at it.
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Believe it or not, there was a time in history when people were able to laugh at themselves and at the minor expense of others. They called "humor" it and it died with the invention of social media. Social media gives easily-offended special snowflakes a way to find each other online & give off the illusion of strength in numbers, which gives them more influence than they should have... also because they're loud and relentlessly obnoxious about their views
scott welsh
Philtration in "Magical Mystery Tours" Tony Bramwell speaks about how the boys would always have to greet important people & the disabled before shows. However people started using their disabled family member as a pawn to meet one of the Fab Four. Apparently Lennon used this bit as some sort of release to it all. I love the man but he was also a gigantic ass as a young man, though he was very troubled.
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Good old days when political correctness didn't exist...today as soon as you open your mouth and say something that is not absolutely clean, sterile and neutral, someone gets insulted...
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+Matilda your gran is a stupid racist.
I pity you, Ally
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Lennon could be a cunt at times but damn he was a good musician so fuck you.
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Sienna Wooldridge
I didn't say it gave him any "Free Reign" to do it, did I? Now a days if you pull that shit people will blow it all over the internet. Back then they didn't have the internet so many people didn't know about it nor did they hear about it being wrong.
Louise Collins
meatlog there are millions upon millions of talented musicians, most of whom never get global recognition that Lennon did but that does not mean they are any less talented than him. . But being a talented musician does not give you free reign to be an offensive, ignorant twat, does it?
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Don't go into the comments, please. Spare yourself. Just laugh at the video. Don't come down here, you won't be coming back.
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Caleb Caldwell
You're right. Too many dumbass PC people who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground whining about John making fun of Paul
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Ashley Voss
Reason #872947292738 that John Lennon was an asshole
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Lyzz Lyzzy
Shut up cunt
Lmao he was a teen, fucking relax
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too sad
he boot too big for he goddamn foot
dana scully
why are people defending him when will beatles culture die
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Your comment gave me brain damage.
Lyzz Lyzzy
Never you fucking retard
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I think he just showed these idiotic screaming girls what he thought of them, in an implicit, cynical way. I'd get tired of screaming teenage girls to if i was them, Sometimes they could hardly hear what they were playing, and neither could part of the audience. I think this is the Liverpudlian, Lennonesque way of saying "you girls come across like idiots with the hysterical screaming and shaking. Get real, act normal, and i hope you'll enjoy the concert!"
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John Lennon quote from a 1971 Rolling Stone magazine interview: “Wherever we went on tour, like in Britain or wherever we went, there’s always a few seats laid aside for cripples and people in wheelchairs. Because we were famous, we were supposed to have people – sort of epileptics and whatever they are – in our dressing room all the time. We’re supposed to be good. But you wanted to be alone, and you don’t know what to say. “They’re usually saying, “I’ve got your record” or they can’t speak or something. And they just want to touch… and it’s always the mother or the nurse pushing them on you. They would just say hello and go away, they’re pushing them on at you like you’re Christ or something, or as if there’s some aura about you which will rub off on them. It just got to be like that. We got very callous about it. It was just dreadful. You’d open up every night, and instead of seeing kids there you’d just see a row full of cripples on the front. “When we were running through, it seemed like [we were] just surrounded by cripples and blind people all the time. And when we’d go through corridors, everybody would be – they’d be all touching us. It got horrifying.” Disappointing to read that but, it was a different time, we're all flawed and learning as we go, that kind of fame has to really suck sometimes and it is what it is. Also, he's dead. Been dead for decades now. Who's to say he wouldn't have been using his status to make amends all this time, if he were still around.
Sid Vicious
no he was having a dig at paul having to tell them how to clap their hands, john felt they were insulting the audience intelligence and the band also in the whole situation. hence the terse tone from Paul "leave it John"
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angel ortega
Actually, John mentioned how that joke was never toward disabled people, but to mock Paul when he would ask the audience to clap and stomp their feet.
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