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Published on Dec 20, 2011

Joe Rogan Responds to a video by a supposed Kung Fu Master on the technique of the "Monkey fist"

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Pablo De Bella
lol ignorance is bliss they say, the problem here is that there are so many bullshit kung fu styles and fake masters that then this is what ends up happening, they think kung fu is all flare and is not effective in a real fight LOL, there is one thing called external and internal martial arts, the real traditional kung fu is BOTH, so I would like to see how an MMA fighter goes against a Master that can handle his Chi and has trained his body since he is 4 years old (even if its sounds funny it is a very real thing). Most people dont have idea what real kung fu is, but this is good, that kind of ignorance is the kind that gets you knocked to the ground in fetal position asking for mercy.
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Tonmoy Bhattacharya
"You can only fight in the manner that you practice." - Miyamoto Musashi
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Songtoria FX
joe got trolled hard lmao
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Emperor Of The Known Universe
I'm a master of the Kung-fu style called "Spanking Monkey." Unfortunately, my dojo was raided and shutdown by the FBI and I'm no longer allowed to be within 100 yards of schools and parks.
Neville Beater
Joe has been confronted with fake westernized Kung Fu, he doesn't know the real old school Chinese Kung Fu, I think if he knew it, he would show some respect to it.
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shame on joe...he has learned to limit his mind. btw anderson silva does practice wing chun. ive seen the video. its on youtube. joe ia very educated in some respect but his disillusion with mma has blinded him. he is right not all moves are effective but that also depends on the fighter which moves are good for them. there is no one perfect system. what works for one might not work for others. plus its in his personal interest to support mma as the only way cause of money. just like bjj was once considered to be useless in the ring until the gracies came.
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Kevin Kropp
Rogan is 100% correct! He's not saying kung fu is useless, he's saying that its not the best way to approach self defense! He says himself that its waaaay better than knowing nothing. Even he acknowledges most kung fu experts are more dangerous in hand to hand combat than most people on the streets
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I'm disappointed in Joe. He has an incredible disrespect for fellow martial artists. To me, the most important aspect of martial arts is respect, control, and humility. These human qualities are utilized nearly everyday.  97% of us will never be in a life, and death struggle in our entire lives.  Martial arts (ancient) that excel in physical fitness, forms, culture, and entertainment are just different.  All Martial Arts should respected, and accepted by the martial arts community.  Is MMA part of the martial arts community?  This could be debated.  Some people think that they are just human pitbulls entertaining, fighting, and injuring for money, and bloodlust.  Are hunters, soldiers, and mercenaries part of the shooting, or knife communities?  Live , and let live.  Respect.
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Shane Miller
Kung fu = yoga
William Downs
Why does everyone seem to criticise Kung Fu in general? There are over 300 styles of Kung Fu yet people think they're all the same when they're obviously not. In every Martial Art  it doesn't depend on the style itself but how it is actually taught. Just as Joe Rogan is saying, some Sifu's (Masters) in Kung say that you have to do a technique in a certain way for it to be executed properly, but that's most probably a fake master who is telling their students to do that. But if you had a master who only relates in practical situations and real sparring then it's a whole different mindset. So please, think before you criticise.
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