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Uploaded on Mar 18, 2009

1. Topaz Marquis - After you jump out of the window take out all the Majini you normally run away from.
2. Gold Ring - Kill The Executioner.
3. Ivory Relief - Dropped by the blonde woman.
4. Antique Clock - Out on the balcony of the house that is locked from the inside.
5. Jewel Bangle - Kill a "Big Man Manjini"
6. Sapphire Pear - When you get to the bodies with the flying b.o.w.'s, do a 180 and its laying in the sewer water.
7. Ruby Marquis - During the fight in the market area, toss a grenade into the middle stall with a chest in it.
8. Emerald Square - On the roof of the house in the market that has the dead man with keys in it.
9. Topaz Pear - In the chest after killing the first chainsaw majini.
10. Sapphire Square - See 9.
11. Ruby Square - See 9.
12. Emerald Pear - See 9.
13. Diamond Oval - In the mines go to the crank, turn around, and then stick to the right wall.
14. Diamond Brilliant - Go downstair and outside. Walk towards the machine gun turret and look for a small ladder on your left. The Diamond is in a chest.
15. Diamond Pear - Go past the machine gun turret and aim at the top of the large ladder to shoot this down.
16. Diamond Square - After the scene with Irving, go past one more checkpoint. There is a broken ladder with an assist jump here, the Diamond is on the ledge Sheva lands on. Follow her around to where she climbs to and then jump down one level to get it.
17. Brown Beetle - There is one on the small island you start the chapter on.
18. Ruby Pear - In a cow bull skull on the small island you start the chapter on.
19. Silver Idol - On top of the left of the two assist jumps on the Northeast island.
20. Silver Chalice - One on the middle island of chapter, the chicken farm
21. Blue Enigma - Kill a giant majini.
22. Ceremonial Mask - In an alcove to the right of the gondola at the end of the chapter.
23. Jewel Beetle - On top of the oil drums at the Tricell camp.
24. Venom Fang - Kill a Chainsaw Manjini.
25. Emerald Marquis - After leaving the boat for a second time, climb a ladder to the ledge with the two machine gun turrets. The Emerald is in a drawer in the room between the guns.
26. Topaz Trilliant - At the beginning before you climb up the first ladder go straight towards the end. It is in the treasure box found there.
27. Ruby Trilliant - After you fall down from the trap with the empty sarcophagus it's in one of the three treasure chests.
28. Emerald Trilliant- See 27.
29. Sapphire Trilliant - See 27.
30. Ruby Oval - Underneath the red statue in the labyrinth.
31. Soul Gem - Kill the boss at the end of the chapter.
32. Topaz Square - In an arch on the western side of the map.
33. Diamond Trilliant - After putting in all 3 Emblems in that door go up the stairs and shoot it down right above the big door you have to enter.
34. Gold Beatle - On the bottom floor of the mirror puzzles, send the beam of light to the statue instead of the final mirror, this is in one of the rooms that unlocks.
35. Gold Idol - See 34.
36. Lion heart - Kill a Licker (This is not a 100% drop)
37. Power Stone - Kill a Reaper.
38. Dead Bride's Necklace - There are 2 lying near the discarded corpses on the conveyer belt.
39. Sapphire Marquis - Right at the beginning of the level, follow the path around and take a left at the fork, the Sapphire is in a safe to your left as you enter the room.
40. Royal Necklace - Inside the control room being guarded by a bunch of Rocket Launcher Manjini
41. Ruby Brilliant - Leave the room with the giant rotating elevator, then look on the ceiling between the last two lights as you emerge from the tunnel in the next room.
42. Gold Chalice - In the room with the drawbridge and swarm of lickers, this is in a locker after you drop down into the locked room.
43. Topaz Brilliant - In the room with the drawbridge and the swarm of lickers this is high on the wall in front of you as you cross the drawbridge.
44. Sapphire Oval - During the Wesker/Jill fight after Wesker kicks you through the door turn around and follow the corridor into the room containing all the coffins/sarcophagi. The Sapphire is in a small pot on the shelf to the right as you enter.
45. Emerald Oval - In the same room as 44;the Emerald is in a coffin that needs an assist event to open.
46. Sapphire Brilliant - See 45.
47. Emerald Brilliant - At the start of the Wesker/Jill fight at the end of the chapter run up the staircase on the right in front of you and follow the path round to the right. The Emerald is in one of the pots at the end.
48. Heart of Africa - In between the stairs during the Jill solo fight but only if you ended the previous fight by damaging Wesker enough to make him retreat.
49. Topaz Oval - Shoot all Majini on the Crane. The guy on the top left will drop the Topaz. Climb up the Ladder where you normally get caught and it's right in front of you.
50. Diamond Marquis - See video.
Credit to Sottle for text guide.

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