MUGEN Battles #14 - Tron Bonne (me) vs Servbot Team





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Published on Apr 24, 2009

Being an avid inventor, Tron has a hard time passing up machine parts of any kind or any price, but when there's a deal on them, you better get out of her way. She'll run down anyone who gets in the way of her precious inventions!

Of course, there was a great deal for some newly released parts going on in town the other day, and Tron being Tron couldn't say no to giving them a look-see. Leaving her two brothers and her trusty servbots to look after the place in her absence, she heads off into town to do just that.

Fast forward 12 (!?) hours.

It was a successful day at the shop for Tron. She got a load of nice parts for her new invention, and at such a cheap price it could've been considered a steal. All that was left now is to get home and start working. Or so she thought.

When she got home, right off the bat she noticed something was way off: The outside of her home, the Gesellschaft, had been repainted, from green to a strange black color! Confused and a little angry, she heads inside and sees a familiar figure ordering the servbots to do her bidding.

In Tron's place was...Tron! This mysterious doppelganger looked exactly like her from top to bottom, and in the time the real Tron was gone, this one had already acquired complete control of the servbots! Shocked they could be fooled so easily, the real (and now extremely angry) Tron Bonne hops in her Gustaff to give this impostor a piece of her mind!


Tron Bonne by LegendaryXM90

Servbot Team:
(Rounds 1 and 3) MvC2 Servbot by Sludge
(Round 2) Servbot by Sludge
(Leader) Tron Bonne by Beximus (Offline)
*AI Patch by DOSSEI!USAGI (Offline)

"Secret Weapon" by minstral

We Are the 3 Bonne Brothers - Megaman Legends
Manda Island: Fight with Tron - Megaman Legends 2
Battle with Tron's Gustaff - Megaman Legends

No, that isn't Beximus' Tron's actual voice.
I added a few voice clips of Last Blade's Mukuro to give her an actual "doppelganger" feel. He sounds so crazy that it fits. At least, I think it does.

The Servbots were really annoying to fight. Being so small, nearly every attack goes right over their head, forcing you to rely on sweeps or some low-hitting attack until you catch them jumping, which they don't do very often. Thank God for chainsaw legs.

Beximus' Tron is somewhat strong by itself, but with the AI patch added, she becomes nearly unstoppable. If you're any distance away from her she'll just constantly spam her Kobun Launch to keep you away, and if you somehow break through her servbot wall she'll combo you to hell, all the way into the corner. It can be pretty hard to break her vicious cycle, and if you don't make the most of it when you do, she'll make sure you pay for it. With her drill. In your face.

I had a hard time deciding which Tron Bonne to keep, since there are good points in both of them.
Beximus' is a tad overpowered, but I like his custom Kobun Drop super, and it's a blast to play, flying all over the place throwing out servbots and drills.
LegendaryXM90's on the other hand is much more accurate to Marvel vs Capcom 2, meaning its a little slower than Beximus' and there's more damage scaling. You can't really play her as aggressively as Beximus', and instead have to rely on all of her moves instead of just her drill arm.
I found it so hard to choose, in fact, I just kept both. :P


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