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Published on Mar 30, 2011

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this is actually the failed show from 2006/2007 but we surely have to have a new aquaman film in the future!

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Ll Raven
did this ever even hit the air at all? I loved him as Green Arrow on Smallville
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the reader
i want an aquaman movie! not just that, mermaid movies, with beautiful tails and beautiful underwater sequences, the the start of splash! c'mon!!!
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R Val
I thought Green Lantern was the worst superhero movie ever made.................I stand corrected.
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What is this mess.. we need a new well-developped Aquaman movie 
Psh, we don't need Aquaman! We've got Percy Jackson!
Jesse Manigro
from green arrow to aqua man
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whatever this is or meant to be, i am so glad it's not anymore. as if aquaman wasn't humiliated enough. the new 52(for anyone who reads comic books) have been trying and succeeding in making aquaman a cool character. if you read any of his new comic books you won't take him as a joke anymore. my favorite part is when he sent superman flying with one punch and when he grabbed the trident and sttod above the atlantean army and screamed "i am your king!!" i respect the new aquaman. i hate this shit movie,though it had a line in it that's been stuck in my head since i first saw this about 2 years ago. "if you look in the deep long and hard enough, something's gonna start looking bad." but everything else was shit, especially the nemo and little mermaid joke. thank god this thing failed. we need a real aquaman movie along with cyborg and teen titan. with the things DC and warner bros. have now it shouldn't be hard. the CGI in man of steel and the batman movies were awesome. come on DC and warner bros. MARVEL is a few steps ahead, you have more than enough resources and awesome characters to rely on. like martian manhunter. a lost martian from mars, a planet that occupies the same sun as us. his very being questions religion and the existence of God himself. a NEW green lantern movie: intergalactic police force, i mean even that speaks for itself. teen titans could be a great way to counter Marvel's avengers. i know they are not stronger but the characters are certainly just as interesting: Raven, Robin, Beastboy, Starfire...and their villains are even more interesting, forget Loki the god of mischief, teen titans have Raven's father, TRIGON. an intergalactic DEMON and the conqueror of dimensions. and it doesn't hurt if batman showed up to help the boy wonder in his darkest hours. people would go batshit crazy. capt. atom. a soldier turned into a weapon, yea i know, typical story, but a good one none the less. he struggles between serving his country and doing what's right. and sometimes what the "country" asks of you isn't always right. superboy. now this would be perfect since the man of steel came out. here's the plot: after the cataclysmic battle in metropolis between supes and Zod. luthor, in his paranoia and jealousy somehow acquired superman's DNA, i mean the guy was being smashed into buildings, something must have fell off. and he created a clone hellbent on stopping superman. it would make a lot more sense if i took my time writing this comment, im rushing. how about a shazam movie: shazam vs the seven deadly sins/ a boy given the powers of gods, one of which is ZEUS. how can you go wrong. or a thanagarian invasion movie. all i'm saying is there are a lot of great characters in DC that would make great movies. if they weren't thinking about money(though i know it's an essential part) movies would be so much better. if the director and writer or writers were having fun and were actually fans of the characters, DC could have great movies.
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Noes! Poor Liara T'soni crashed into the ocean of earth :( damn reapers!
Aqua Man. Worst Super hero ever made.
Kelly Brooks
Aquaman sucks so
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