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Published on Dec 6, 2011

UPDATE: 10/17/2012 / Hello everyone! For those of you who complain in the comment sections that Oprah Winfrey talks over Betty Eadie, may I suggest you get Betty's book and read it? It's available on Amazon.com. Also, you can get just the audio-read version at the following link as a download...for those of you who need instant gratification:


On November 18, 1973, Betty Eadie died from complications connected to a partial hysterectomy. What she experienced and what she saw resulted in a small book she wrote some 20 years later and was published in 1992 which then made the New York Times top 10 Best Seller list for more than 30 weeks. The title of the book was "Embraced by the Light". This resulted in an interview she eventually had with the famed Oprah Winfrey, now retired, where Mrs. Eadie tells of her amazing and wonderful story of what she experienced in death.

NDEs or Near Death Experiences, which is what experiences like Mrs. Eadie's were first being termed and explored by Dr. Raymond Moody back in the 1970's, have been growing in number of reports ever since Western Medicine discovered the ability to reanimate dead bodies; thanks to modern technology. One of the most detailed ones was Dannion Brinkley's story covered in his book "Saved by the Light". More recently is Mellen-Thomas Benedict's story. Brinkley had been struck by lightening ripping open his neck which killed him instantly. Benedict had been dead for about 90 minutes when terminal cancer took him. There are many other NDEs that have been recorded since the 1970s. Even more interesting are the stories of young children who are speaking out over the decades and telling of their previous life or incarnation, something that was even being reported some 30 years ago back in the 1980's. These reports are coming from families who do not believe in reincarnation, as well as those who do. How it all ties together with the Hell and Heaven reports is proving to be a mystery concerning to what it is all about and what God's policy is for experiencing life for all souls.

While the conventional religions can not agree on the issues of the reality that happens when death comes, it seems no one is more versed on the subject than those who actually have died, then returned to tell the tale. Betty Eadie is one such authority for having done nothing more than died. Still, while the NDE reports have much in common, it seems the life after has more to it than the conventional religions try to teach the world.

Please enjoy this. Try not to fight over this and try to understand that the religions of the world are something man raised up as an influence from prophets man believes were sent of God, not something God necessarily raised up. Even books holding collections of scriptures, compiled by men over time, like the Holy Bible or the Holy Quran, can in no way account for all that makes up the ethereal realm of the spirit, anymore than our history books can account for all of man's history on this planet, let alone what may be going on in other worlds in our physical universe. The word "Holy" from the Latin means "complete", "lacking nothing". No way can even the 66 documents of the "Holy Bible" account for the vast knowledge of the God of the universe. In John 21:25 that document reads; "If all the things Christ did could be written down, the world could not hold all the books". That alone tells you the Bible is far from complete. Both realms are vast when all sources are considered for examination. Most is speculation as to how it all resolves, even to our past and current day science. Religion has always been nothing more than a mask man puts over the face of God, a face which can not be seen by the living, because the reality of God is too scary for most to even contemplate. The religions have always served as a buffer to soften the harsh reality of God's existence. Keep an open mind, learn and grow, as you watch this video reproduction. To read some of the more interesting NDEs, check out Kevin Williams website at the following link:


You can also hear my detailed NDE experiences on TheAstroboy9 channel. Just go to my playlist on NDEs at the following link. I didn't think it was time back in 1981 to share my experiences, but I think there is enough being revealed on YouTube these days where it is time even for me to share what happened to me at age 25 and age 44. Please listen to my detailed experiences. I was told and shown even more than Betty Eadie experienced.


Kevin F. Montague
TheAstroboy9 Channel

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