Airsoft mod makes GBB's silent.





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Published on Apr 19, 2010

I took an eraser and superglued it to the point where the hammer hits the back of the slide. I fine-tuned it so it stops JUST after the hammer touches the gas release button on the mag. The result is a TINY amount of gas gets out, easily quieted by a silencer, enough to shoot a BB 100ft i a straight line but not enough to move the slide.

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Richard Rounce
i think this video should be named HOW TO MAKE YOUR GAS BLOW BACK INTO A SPRINGER
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JR Palm
Spring pistols are very loud, this GBB mod is quite a gem and i applaud this dudes idea with the eraser. I can assure you that with this mod done correctly it will still shoot as far as it would normally, the only draw back is the action needs to be cycled manualy. for some of us who rarely use a side arm silence is key and the extra time of cylcing the action is not a problem. Stop trying to talk shit about this guys brilliant idea, you should try having a good idea sometime.
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Austin Allgire
buys $100 gun.. makes it essentially a springer..
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Samuel Wharton
No kidding if you buy a gbb you should keep it a gbb, but hey at least you can possibly get pieces of eraser in your gun and jam it just to be a tad more quiet than it all ready is.
JugularTheft 77
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Sounds like a call of duty hit marker
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PrestiegeMaster then I hate it lol
Yes, yes it does
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Wade Wilson
Yay! it's always been my f*ckin dream to turn a gas pistol back into a spring, even if that defeats the purpose of the gas.
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Wade Wilson
Although, I did realize that you can create a silencer (if you look up DIY's on youtube), and attach it to a non-blowback gas pistol, although they usually are harder to maintain/repair, and mostly come with a very poor quality for their price. from what i've seen, they almost all use CO2 gas, which wears pistols down very easily
+Wade Wilson yea i know 
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why don't you just get a spring loaded one instead? XD
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well....... at least it does works like the tranq gun from metal gear solid series
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Salty Canadian
+freedm7.62 Holy shit, just about to say that. xD
+pendrake113 i used some springers but it's still too loud :/
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Ben Mounce
congratulations! you made a springer
TIm Janßen
Realy....? I have no words for this shit :P
Orrr you can buy a spring gun for $20... Lmao
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totally not waffle2001 I have a springer the shoots like 350 fps with .20 bbs
totally not waffle2001
not the point idiot its not as loud with the mod a springer would still be loud not to mention the mod makes it a springer but at least its a really good springer lol
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Question: Why not just use a Fixed slide gun like a TM MK.23? Answer: Already have one, still louder than this mod when it fires. Question: Why would you do this to a GBB? Just buy a springer! Answer: Springers are louder, usually cheaply made with little support for aftermarket precision barrels/mods and dont use standard mags, and I wanted to see if it was possible which is why I made the video. No one I actually played with on the field thought it was dumb being hit without a trace Keep on Enjoying airsoft, I've fallen out of it after the guy whose huge lands we'd play on went off to college. Still have all of my GBB pistols because I love GBBs. The 1911 is a KJW Hi-capa, the glock was a KSC g26c and was my absolute favorite GBB I ever owned.
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triggered pickle 209
slopeslider90 how do I do this on a Glock style type of gun like a m&p 40, or a Walther ppq?
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