Before You- A One Direction Love Story ch22 part1





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Published on Jul 20, 2012

The next day I get up and change into my dance clothes.(visual-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=53...) I know the boys are picking us up but I need to wear these shorts to dance, plus its fun teasing the boys, especially Liam.

"Hey are you guys ready to leave?" Margot asks. The girls slept over since it was pretty late when the guys left and we would all leave for dance and, in Rachael's case, singing class.

"Yeah just about." Rachael answers as she comes back into my room. She changed into this -http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=53... and is wearing a little makeup. She is wearing a little mascara and eyeshadow with lip gloss. She's lucky, she can wear makeup to her class. If me and Margot even try to we would sweat it all off and have raccoon eyes.

"I'm kinda hungry. Wanna just get a bagel?" I ask.
"Sure. Noah's?" Rachael suggests. Noah's Bagels is our favorite bagel store and its only about 5 minutes from the dance studio.
"Of course." Margot says like there was no other option.
"If we stop at Noah's we should go now or we'll be late." I say after I glance at the clock on my wall.
"Okay then lets go!" Rachael replies.

We walk out of my room and down the stairs. When we get to the bottom I hear noises from the kitchen. I go to see what it is and its my mom making some coffee and a fried egg.

"Hey mom?"
"We're going to go to dance now."
"Okay sweetie. Do you want breakfast?"
"Nah we are just going to go to Noah's."
"Do you need money?" She starts to get her wallet out.
"No thanks. I have some."
"Okay if your sure."
"I am." I think for a second, "Oh and Mom?"
"I won't be home right after dance. Some friends are picking us up and we are going to go out."
That gets her attention, "Friends?" I guess I haven't really gone out much this past year but it still hurts to hear her say that.

"Yeah. New friends." I answer.
"Okay Hun. Just keep your phone on you." she already is distracted by her book again.
"Okay. See ya later."

I walk out of the kitchen and me and the girls walk to Rachael's car. When we get to the studio Rachael drops us off and drives a little farther up the street to her singing class. Margot and I walk in the studio and put our bags down and go stretch.

While I am on the ground leaning over my right leg to stretch my calf, another girl from the class comes over to us. She is pretty but she looks shy too. I've seen her before but I don't really know her that well.

"Hey." I say to her.
"Hi." She whispers back. So I was right about the shy part.
"Wanna stretch with us?" Margot asks.
"Sure." She sits down and starts to stretch her quads.
"I feel really bad about asking this because I know you have been in this class but, what's your name?" I ask smiling.
"I'm Erin." (A/N First contest winner!)
"Oh I'm Alexa."
"I know. You are a really good dancer." She says and looks down.
"Aw thanks! You are too!" I reply.
"You've seen me dance?" She looks up at me and I notice her big brown eyes.
"Of course! I see you dance every class. I think the next solo should be yours." I gush to her. I'm not lying, I have seen her dance but I just never talked to her. Now that I think about it, I never talk to anyone anymore.

"Thanks but I don't think so. Everybody else is better then me." She looks back down at her legs.
"Stop it." I say to her.
"Stop what?"
"Stop putting yourself down. You are an amazing dancer but you wont get better if you don't believe in yourself." I say that all in one breath but I think she understood.
"Thanks. You are really nice, how come I haven't talked to you before?" She looks curious.
"Umm I don't know. But you're nice too and I'm glad we met." I state but my voice is a little shaky but thankfully she doesn't notice.
"Me too. And you are Margot right?" She looks at Margot who has been watching.
"Yeah that would be me!" Margot says cheerfully.
"Well its nice to meet you guys-" She gets cut off with the teacher saying to get up for warm-ups.


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