Seijin Plays FFT 1.3034 Easytype, Part 18 : Zigolis Swamp (Fail)





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Published on Feb 20, 2011

I absolutely love this battle in FFT 1.3. No less than eight enemies, all monsters, and they have pretty good coordination. The Ghosts have Blade Grasp, making them hard to hit with most non-magic attacks. The Skeletons pack a punch and can heal each other as well as the ghosts with Demi, Demi 2 and Death. The Morbols have Bad Breath.

The Ghosts will reach the party first. They go down pretty easily, even with their high Blade Graspific evasion, but they can still manage to give the party a bit of trouble if they hit with Stop. The skeletons will reach the party shortly afterwards, and this is when things get messy. Demi, Demi 2 and Deaths are flying all over the place, not to mention the Soul attacks packing quite a punch. A bit later, the Morbols will reach the party and try to Bad Breath, which can, needless to say, be devastating. If the Ghosts and Skeletons aren't all dead by the time the Morbols reach the party, you can easily end up squeezed between them, not to mention that dead undeads will start coming back to life by then.

This video was my first attempt at this battle, in this playthrough. I was still working on unlocking the samurai class with my fifth character through propositions. If you actually paid attention to the last few battles, you'll notice that generic #4 (the character named after me) has been absent throughout the entirety of chapter 2. Well, that is what she's been up to. I wanted to make her a samurai (through propositions), and until then, she had pretty much just random stuff unlocked. So for the first time of chapter 2, I get to use the regular crew of five characters, and I was in a dilemma. Using Seijin with some class to accomodate the party despite that she wasn't in the class I wanted her yet, or use one of my monsters. I ended up trying for the latter.I got a Blue Dragon guest in a random battle, and I thought it could be useful here. I wanted to test out Holy Breath too, as I never, ever used it before (I never got Reis in regular FFT).

In either the 1.3033 or 1.3034 version (I forgot which of the two), most monsters' elemental weaknesses were removed. So I cannot do double damage with fire on the Ghosts and Skeletons, and ice on the Morbols. This makes it considerably more difficult already. Else, I would have based my strategy a bit more around that. Of course, the undeads still take damage from potions and Heal, and die from Raise 2, and all that stuff. Also, phoenix downs don't OHKO undeads in 1.3. It just does 25% of their total HP... or something like that.

My lack of experience with Blade Grasp showed in this battle. I never really used Blade Grasp in the original game due to how broken it is, and I didn't know that it could not work against my dragon's Ice Breath, so I ended up using suboptimal attacks with my dragon when I could have just OHKO'd that Ghost... You can see, at 5:07 in the video, I was like, "What? 100% hit rate? *uses that instead of Holy Breath*"

I made several mistakes in this battle, which ultimately brought me to my doom. One of these mistakes was done *before* the battle. I went out of my way to learn Maiden's Kiss and Soft to cure petrify or frog if I had to deal with Bad Breath, but I forgot to buy the items. -_- But yeah, if you see me do something and you think "Why did you do that instead of...", that is because I just didn't play too well and realized afterwards. For example, using Elemental instead of Bolt 3 at 6:43.

Everything ended at 23:17 when my last character who could revive died. I kept playing just for the heck of it.

I had Mustadio learn Seal Evil before this battle. He just didn't use it.

P.S. : Once again, sorry about the questionable quality of both the video and the sound. It will be fixed by the Lionel Castle gate battle.


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