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Published on Feb 17, 2011

Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic 1 completed in just over 2 hours. Blooper reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk9-tB... . There's a similar "KotOR II in 2 hours" video on my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vveJ1y... .

This video was made on a PC on normal difficulty without any mods or cheats. The goal was to finish the whole game, using segments, as quickly as possible.

More information available in the following forum topic:

General info

I created a high strength based Soldier / Guardian character. High strength makes fights faster because it helps with to-hit chances *and* the damage you incur is greater. (High dexterity would help with defense as well as the to-hit chance, but won't increase the damage.) My main defense is the ability to quickly dispatch enemies so I don't have to defend myself for long.

Being a Guardian is useful because of force jump. Although the time saved is just a couple of seconds with each jump, they do add up and other classes don't have a similar advantage. Furthermore, only a Soldier / Guardian can squeeze in *all* the relevant offensive feats if your final level is 13.


Light side. Although some of my choices are rewarded with dark side points, the run is certainly over 90% light and I went for the light side ending.


I use Bastila's yellow double blade for the following reasons:
* it's available the moment I can start using one
* it makes the best use of upgrades (crystals count double in such a weapon compared to two separate sabers)
* it does more damage than the default single blade
* it's treated as a balanced weapon -- low off-hand penalty

It's slightly less powerful than a standard + a short lightsaber, but those would need double the amount of crystals, and making detours hunting for upgrades that are away from the fast route would have taken extra time.

Fighting style

In KotOR, you have the choice of three fighting styles (beyond default attack). According to the KotOR Calculator, Flurry is more effective most of the time than Critical strike or Power attack. Even those times when it isn't, it doesn't lower defense as much as the other two. Furthermore, it is well suited to a double blade. For Critical strike to be as effective, I would need a short lightsaber (in addition to the default long single-blade) and special crystals -- these are too out of the way of a speedrunner's route or they come too late in the game.


The two most valuable items I use are the CNS strength belt and the Stabilizer mask. CNS belt gives +2 Strength and increases saves. The mask is really ugly (didn't mean to scare you there, sorry :), but it also increases saves and more importantly, it protects from mind-affecting powers and thus the sanity of the speedrunner. Very useful.

Planet order

My choice of order was affected by the high cost of necessary equipment. I had to go to Korriban first as that planet yields the most credits. Being at a low level helps start quests on that planet as well. Manaan is where that important item was bought so that's second. Kashyyyk doesn't yield any useful items so that's last. Tatooine is third, giving me the Krayt Dragon pearl, a powerful lightsaber upgrade before the Leviathan. This way my lightsaber is finalized early, before I face Saul Karath & his gang, and Malak for the first time.

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