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Published on Apr 17, 2010


A small sample of a spontaneous Qigong session I did.

Before starting, I oriented my preparation to regulate my right hip that has been bugging me for a while. For those of you who understand the meridian system and energy flow within the body, you will noticed many exercises to regulate the Liver/Gall bladder, Kidneys/Bladder/Marrow, Spleen/Stomach, the 3 Dantiens, etc... Also I used some sound during some part.

Hope you like it ;o)

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Fabrice Piché
@ Ke Ra Spontaneous must be learn from a competent teacher. The first thing a student must learn is how to stop the movement. Just like when you learn how to drive, you first need to learn how to break before going on the highway. By definition a spontaneous Qigong will be different all the time. The goal is simply to let the energy circulate and do what it needs to do. I hope this answer your question. Let me know if you have other questions.
Ke Ra
Thank you for this great video - Is the spontaneous Qigong transfered to students by a taoistmaster or is it a product of long periode and intensive qigong practice - or both. How does it work? Is the nature of all spontaneous qigong systems basicaly the same?, or does the energy contain different information? Thank you - i am just curious and fascinated by this phenomena.
Thank you for clearing that up. Your are the best !
Fabrice Piché
As a note, spontaneous movements is very different then what many people are doing in "free flow movements" as most of those movement are external in nature and people try to feel the energy in the movements. Spontaneous movement is the art of feeling the free circulation of Qi inside the body and feel the intensity of it move your body. It feels a bit like if your body was an empty hose and when Qi fills it up, you start to move from the pressure of the Qi moving. Hope this is a better image.
Fabrice Piché
Hi Zinnias What you are describing are 2 stages of the same practice. At first in spontaneous Qigong, the movement are very simple like shaking, trembling, simple repetition of arm or leg movement. As the meridian get cleared, the movements transform to look more like qigong and can develop into very sophisticated and complex form of Taiji. It is still spontaneous/involuntary as there is no intent from the practitioner to move. It is simply the movement of Qi that create those body movements.
Perhaps in the qigong world "spontaneous" has two different meanings. One is the free flow of energy as you are so wonderfully showing and the other is total involuntary movement caused by blockage in the channels or illness somewhere in the body. The movements would be shaking, trembling, convulsive etc. and unrecognizable as qigong to an uninformed person . Do you think this is a correct understanding ? 
Fabrice Piché
Hi Zinnias. I understand what you mean about how disconcerting it can be when it start. That is why the first thing to learn when doing spontaneous Qigong is to learn how to stop. At first, most people will get very little movements. As the meridian clear up, the movement will become more refine and look more like a free form of Taiji/Qigong. The movements you see in this video are produced by the free circulation of Qi. There are no taught or intention, the body simply fallow the movement of Qi
Fabrice I'm a big fan of yours but I would not call this spontaneous qigong but rather free form qigong. Spontaneous qigong is involuntary movement and can be quite disconcerting when it happens for the first time. It usually happens when there's a blockage in one of the meridians. 
you cannot "learn" spontaneous qigong...it is your body moving in it's own way ,even if the movements are simular ,your body may be and generally is doing them for it's own purpose...unplanned thus spontaneous
Fabrice Piché
Thanks for your beautiful comment. It is my pleasure to share the beauty of Qigong. Hope your personal practice is going well and that you are discovering more and more of this amazing energy world.
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