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Published on Mar 27, 2013

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(Due to mis-labelled audio cables this video has the L & R audio flipped, wasn't edited with headphones so I didn't realise. Sorry about that.)
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A full Movie-Like experience for Bioshock Infinite in 1 video! (Watch for spoilers in the comments!) PLEASE TAKE 2 MINS TO READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE TAKING 3.5 HOURS OUT OF YOUR DAY, I EXPLAIN HOW THIS WORKS! Here is a special Movie Version of Bioshock Infinite, this has been edited to remove the player from the experience as much as possible and make it play like a Movie, rather than a game being played... I like to think of it as a "POV Movie", and not the dirty kind :P

With so many walkthroughs and commentary playthroughs out there I thought I'd make something for those only interested in the story, because believe me, it's a good one!

This is not simply a "cut and paste all the cutscenes" job, this game is different to many out there because very little of the story is told through conventional cutscenes, instead, a lot of the story/dialogue is in-game, and happens while you are in control.... I have edited it in such a way that:

- There are no "numbers" on screen
- There are no "on screen prompts", everything seems natural
- No save/autosave/loading screens
- I have integrated some of the audio logs into the Movie to add background story
- I have severely cut down most of the combat (some combat sections that add nothing to the story and feature no dialogue were cut entirely), and only kept in what is necessary to the story, or to break up long periods of walking/talking.

That being said, there are some obvious problems:

1) The crosshair - Where possible I use the "down the sight" view, but this isn't always possible, sometimes (especially during some dialogue/cutscenes it automatically brings up the crosshair).. Also, the game is slow/unresponsive on the down the sight view, making walking/shooting on the move with it difficult...

2) Some visual elements pop up and spoil the movie experience, so I had to crop the video/add transitions to block them out... An example is Elizabeth's special ability to bring in stuff from other worlds. When you walk with her, in some areas (especially combat areas) there are numerous words/square button symbols on screen. I had to crop and edit to get rid of these.

2) The objective banner appears frequently and the sound often blocks off the character's speech, most of the time I use a little editing trickery to get rid of it, either by cropping or removing that section and extending the length of the remaining footage, either way, you won't see it...

3) There is life bar/weapon info/vigor info on screen for 90% of the game, to remove this I had to crop, so some visual quality has been lost... I don't have a PC powerful enough to play/record/edit the PC version, so I had to play the PS3 version of this, sorry about that, I would have loved to bring this in the highest possible quality. Also note that the PS3 version has no option to increase the FOV, so it can look a little narrow at times. This is a matter of taste, I was fine with it but people have raised it as an issue, and I can fully understand that.

4) The area that will probably be "the worst" is the combat, both in terms of quality and content... Combat is repetitive and tough to edit, and often features endless killing of enemies, so I believe it is not essential to the narrative to see this... I removed a lot of it, and did this to my personal taste (to be honest a lot of combat is unusable simply due to things constantly popping up on screen while you fight)... If you really want more combat, I suggest watching a walkthrough, but if you don't want to then just don't watch this, I'd rather you not watch it and play it yourself/watch through someone else and not have me ruin the experience...

Remember, this is a GAME, not a MOVIE, so it's never going to be perfect, I tried my best to bridge the gap :)

This was recorded/edited/rendered/uploaded in less than 3 days (the whole thing took a total of 49 hours, I had a couple of sleepless nights, so while some errors may linger, I did my best, and tried to do something different from all the other Movies out there...

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