Giant Solar Flare from Sunspot 1302 Causes Geomagnetic Storm (2011)





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Uploaded on Sep 27, 2011

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Alex Ansary
UNN Newsroom
September 27, 2011

NASA said a strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm is in progress following a massive X 1.9 solar flare and coronal mass ejection (CME).

The sunspot is 60,000 miles in diameter, many times bigger than the earth.

The flare erupted from sunspot region 1302 on Saturday September 24 and triggering spectacular auroras and electromagnetic storms across the North America.

On the 26th, NASA detected a strong compression of Earth's magnetic field.

Satellites above could now be directly exposed to solar wind plasma.

Sky watchers in many states in the northern hemisphere are going to witness diverse auroras after nightfall.

Travis Novitsky took this picture of the night sky from his home in Northeastern Minnesota...he made note of vertical columns extending high into the sky with lots of green and red color.

"Almost as soon as it was dark we were seeing vertical columns of light extending high into the sky, with the ever-present green color, but also lots of red color!"

Since the X1.9-flare, there have been 2 M class solar flares, also from sunspot region 1302.

AR1302 is not slowing down as is being called the sunspot that just wont quite.

As the week wears on it will turn to face Earth more directly.

NOAA forecasters estimate a 40 percent chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours. Any such eruptions would be Earth-directed as the sunspot crosses the center of the solar disk.

NASA says a heavy blow could potentially blow the circuits of every electrical product on earth.

For the past four years, the Earth hasn't encountered solar flares until this spring. Solar flares produced powerful blasts on Feb. 15 and March 9. The devastating Earthquake in Japan took place on March 10th.

On the 24th, Chile was hit by a massive blackout, the cause reported to be unknown...

The blackout primarily hit the center of the country, where nearly 10 million of Chile's 16 million people live.

Days ago NASA reported that their UARS Satellite crashed into the pacific ocean. Earlier they estimated that it had a 1 in 3200 chance of causing injury......

Today its being reported that a dead German Satellite is set to hit the planet at the end of October -- and that it even is more likely to cause injury or damage in populated areas, as estimated 1 in 2,000....

NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center is reporting much of this from Colorado home of the now famous labyrinths of bunkers set up to function as a continuity of government command center.......

The CIA moved from Langley to Colorado several years ago.

The mountains of Colorado just so happens to be where NASA is hosting a massive simulated exhibit of the International Space Station next week.....

All this as OBAMA is scheduled to be in DENVER while at the same time, homeland security runs a joint response drill, and as conversations about Comet Elenin reach a record high.

Also tonight the new moon will make a close approach to Earth, giving rise to the second super moon of the year although it will be clocked in darkness due to its position.

Tuesday's dark super moon will be around 222,000 miles away from Earth.

There is widespread believe that being this close to the moon during this time can have unusual gravitational effects on Earth, triggering earthquakes and other events.

Lunar close encounters are well known to cause higher ocean tides.


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