Justin Bieber Love Story Part 39





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Uploaded on Aug 15, 2010

long one right here. sorry i didnt post guys i was at a party&sleepover. anyways, here is 39. :D

Monday. Leaving Day. 9:00 a.m.

People had come to see Jessica off. Hazel was there almost in tears, Ryan was there, looking sad as ever, and Justin was there, looking down, not moving. A couple more of Jessica's friends were there to see her off. Jessica exchanged hugs and gifts with them first, all very sad. Everyoneb made sure theyd keep in touch. Then, jessica moved to ryan. he hugged her and gave her his lucky bracelet, and said to not forget him. She promised she wouldnt. Then, she moved to hazel.

Jessica: Hazel, this is it.
Hazel: i know.. i made this. *give jessica a huge scrapbook* its full of pictures and items of all the memories we have. ive been making it and i planned to give it to you later but.. now seems to be the right time.
Jessica: *tear runs down her cheek and she hugs hazel hard* illl miss you so much hazel. ill call you right when i get there. ill have the same cell number. welll see each other soon i promise.
Hazel: your my best friend forever girl. *puts up her hand next to jessicas, where they have matching best friend rings*
Jessica: *nods, then moves to Justin who is still looking down*
Justin: *voice strained but even* i got you this. *holds out a black rectangular box*
Jessica: *opens it, to see a gorgeous gold necklace. in the middle, theres a diamond heart with the initial, J scripted into the middle with more diamonds. it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. she flipped over to see something embroidered into the gold of the back. it said, " i love you, always. - JB" * Justin..its beautiful. *she put it on then looked up to see justin was still looking down, but she saw a tear drop from his face. she lifted his chin up then wiped the tear from his face. she looked him in the eyes* don't cry justin..this isnt the end. well talk everyday you know that.
Justin: im going to miss being with you though. i love you. *he kisses her gently then hugs her.*
Jessica: *hugs back, and they hug for the longest time. then jessica finally lets go.* i love you too.
Mom: Jessica, everythings ready. ready to leave?
Jessica: ..Yes. *smiles at everyone then heads slowly to the car. *
Mom: im sorry dear, you will see them soon. *gets in the front seat*
Jessica: i know. *takes on final look at justin, and holds her necklace in her hand, then gets into the car, rolls down the window and waves goodbye to everyone*
Mom: *starts the car and starts to drive away*
Justin: Wait! *the car stops and he runs toward it, jessica gets out and he hugs her again with all the strength he has, he twirls her around then puts her back down and continues to hug her. then he looks at her and kisses her with all the love he has for her. then he finally pulls back.*
Jessica: i will see you again justin. *lets go of him slowly then goes to the car and gets in. then they go down the street and justin and the others watched them until they disapeared from view.*
Ryan: *pats justin on the shoulder* come on man. lets go back to your house.
(everyone leaves, but Justin sits there a minute, just thinking. then finally he leave to with ryan, and they head back home)

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next one up tomorow.
sorry about repetative songs, wont seem to upload songs right now idkk :(


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