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Published on Sep 18, 2011

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This is the second finished Song for the "Relaxing Album" I'm working on. The Album will contain 3 Songs with each over 20min (60min+ in Total) and describes a Journey through the Day. Those Songs are NOT virtuosic, they are composed as Background Music.
As always, 100% selfcomposed on Keyboard. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16.

The Picture is made by Joakim Back who gives general Permission for free Usage of his Artworks.

© Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.

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World of sursphere'a
Welcome to the memories of a thousand shattered realities As storm clouds split and slash. Crash before another lightening flash This is just a rain downpour as wet as life has been This is just a passing moment, before the sun soon to be seen. In the wet rush of crushing emotion Every flood of tears and devotion Hitting woodland tracks like heavens falling ocean But this is not just a crying sky that know's pain This is a rain that will help grow life again For if night is winter, then summer is day And when the storm clouds more away We will wake with a smell of sunny array Then flowers will sprout Petals peel back and open Children will shout And things will be less broken Because the storm has passed and the drops have reached under soil Helping earth feed plant and tree and river and sea As we close our eyes in a short time of atmospheric rush We will open them and see that the clouds have gone and let back in love
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Mr. Plushand the acaonsial action figure
The second you started mentioning sunlight the music got happier
Moregasm the Powerful
World of sursphere'a we
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Sally Lemon
this sound discovered the beauty of when you're being alone
surprisingly great for meditation too!
+Sally Lemon Alone in the dark with this sound.......
Skylar LacyBookworm
Great music to listen to when studying. 
Everyone talks of the loneliness or emptiness they hear in this, but personally I think I hear a mother trying to lull her restless babe back to sleep during a storm. "When the clouds begin to depart and the sun breaks through the darkness, know I will remain here by your side. Even when you are grown, and your fears have been washed from your eyes I will remain. Now hush, and close your eyes. Think of only the sun, dream of a meadow, and know I will be here when you wake. Hush, sweet child. The rain does not mean to wake you. The bellowing thunder does not mean to frighten you. They only mean to wish you a goodnight. They bless that you will beautiful thoughts and pray you will have sweet dreams. Don't you fret, my love. I am right here. I will always be right here." Just me? Ok.
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Virgy Pigeon
Callielikesturtlezzz no, I think it can be both ^0^ , it depends on the person and on her personal interpretation I think
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Spiritual Wolfie
I played this to my sister so she could fall asleep and she slept like a LOG! thank you so much for getting rid of consitent whining and running mouth.
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Jacob French
I sleep like a brick... empty, without dreams... with music I have either good or bad dreams depending on the music and how it makes me feel.
Spiritual Wolfie
+suhbat erdenebulan Technically its not Gothic. Its just misty. Like rain.
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Nickolas Evanovich
I'm listening to this while doing homework, and I feel like some orphan schoolchild doing his own homework during the late 19th century ( 1880s/1890s) in a one room schoolhouse in the middle of a rainstorm, but all alone because I got in trouble for acting out in front of the teacher, and now I'm forced to do math problems, in the middle of a rainstorm, in a cold, dark, small, empty schoolhouse all alone...no one to to talk to, with only the sound of my tears and thoughts to keep me company...wondering why I'm here and what I was put on this earth for or if I have any purpose, wishing I was in my nice warm house in my nice, warm bed, not sitting here while everyone else is a home and not here to keep this little boy company...
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Nickolas Evanovich
+kamyar taghavi Thank you!
kamyar taghavi
Nicholas, you have an awesome imagination
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Jordan Dillon
I listened to this while studying...Wound up falling asleep instead. XD It's so much more relaxing than I expected.
Kennedy MacLeod
Just happened to me! ^--^
Xenia Lindemann
The exact same happened to me! XD
Charolite Lovet
Why does this sound so familiar....
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Ben Weatherby
Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The reverse Clock Tower level.
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DoomKiller Ext
Thanks, since i were a child i loved rainy nights...
Abby Caelestis
+Johan Rott Yes I agree. It doesn't seem negative to me at all. Beautiful dark tone.
Johan Rott
+DoomKiller Ext There ain't anything better than lying in a tent whilst raining :) In my opinion this piece really has a great positive atmosphere.
Kurisu Sakura
I very much love this piece. It lets me drift to my own little dark wonderland where I dream of dark faerie and mermaids.^^
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