Gang Wars...Crips v Bloods in Los Angeles





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Published on Jan 13, 2012

Find me at: http://speakloudertalkshow.blogspot.com
**This video was made to address brothas and sistas that believe killing each other over colors, neighborhoods and old beefs, is somehow cool, worth bragging about or even commendable . In this video I try to explain to THEM that Black unification will get them further than killing each other. I implore THEM to recognize who their true enemies are and be smarter than those that plot against them.**

I DO NOT welcome the comments or opinions of KKKRAKKKAS and definitely NOT from WETBACKS.

I watched a video titled "Life in the streets of Los Angeles California" by leorios77. Needless to say I was appalled and angered when I heard what the Los Angeles Police Department was doing to the Black gang members on the streets of LA.

It is one thing to arrest gang members for crimes they have truly committed, but it is quite another to arrest them on fraudulent charges, plant evidence on them and/or set them up to be murdered by rival gang members.

I have no respect for "law enforcers" that abuse their power. They are NOT above the "law" nor mortality. Targeting Black people, especially Black men, for long term incarcerations or premeditated murders ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!

The fact that there have been few, if any, civil litigations brought by framed gang members or the families of murdered gang members, as it directly relates to police frame ups, is beyond belief. Criminal charges must be brought against the LAPD for instigating genocide, should these allegations be proven true.

Throughout history, many crimes have been committed against Blacks, especially Black men, by people in power and "law enforcement" under the guise of the "law". Historically, Black men have been thrown in jail or even put to death behind false allegations.

For too many years Black people, especially Black men, have fallen prey to the corruption of those hired to enforce the "law". The "law" has on many occasions been manipulated, bent or simply ignored entirely, when some whites are facing prison sentences. However, the very "laws" that they conveniently ignore for some whites they will vehemently enforce against most Blacks.

My hope in making this video is that ALL Black gang members UNIFY as one, open their eyes & minds to the realities of the genocidal war that is created by the police & others in power. *If you are smart enough to figure out that the police are pitting you against each other to kill you off, then you should be smart enough to NOT engage them.**

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Kevin Williams
why don't you dumb motherfuckers get an education. instead of trying to hangout on the block. that's yalls own dumbass fault. yall ruin each others life's and then blame the white man. stupid asses need to get a job and do something with your life's instead of killing each other. thats yall fault so dont been trying to blame the white man for your fucked up decisions.
Richard Hudson
The sister who made this video is on point. If the Crips & Bloods joined together against LAPD, the cops wouldn't stand a chance.
Brian Bucher
One group of ghetto rats wiping out the other. I dont see a down side here.
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Why the fuck is it so hard for everyone to realize we're all human and need to unite as a species to fight threats to the human race
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Robert Reaves
I agree what she's saying
Johnny Hale
Real talk
Abdilahi Sheikh Ahmed
lilsmoke freestyle like this shit
Great Message!!!!!  I have Gang Wars...Crips v Bloods in Los Angeles  on my favorites!!!!!
Jason Wyatt
she on point
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