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Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011

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Note: this was released BEFORE skyward sword

15 - 0:00 - Stone Tower Temple - Majora's Mask
14 - 1:56 - Last Battle - Ocarina of Time
13 - 4:05 - Zelda's Lullaby - Ocarina of Time
12 - 4:51 - Farewell Hyrule King - Wind Waker
11 - 7:06 - Song of Storms - Ocarina of Time
10 - 7:58 - Song of Healing - Majora's Mask
9 - 9:14 - Midna's Desperate Hour - Twilight Princess
8 - 12:10 - Saria's Song - Ocarina of Time
7 - 12:49 - Title Screen - Wind Waker
6 - 13:58 - Main theme - Various
5 - 15:27 - ??? - A Link to the Past
4 - 17:45 - ??? - Ocarina of Time
3 - 19:20 - ??? - Wind Waker
2 - 22:01 - ??? - Wind Waker
1 - 23:37 - ??? - Link's Awakening

1000 views! Thanks! -8/4/2011


I have some short comments on this video. First of all thank you all so much for 500,000 views (as of Nov 30ish 2012)!!! Thank you all so much for praise for my video, and for kindly phrased criticism. I appreciate it.

Several zelda games have no representation on this list - LoZ, Zelda II, Four Swords/Adventures, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, and the Oracle games. This is not because they don't have good music; it's either because I like later versions of the song better or I just haven't played the game. I hope you can forgive me; this is all just my opinion.

A lot of people have criticized the "overrepresentation" of Wind Waker on this list; to that I say, there are even more OoT songs, but people don't seem to take issue with that! Wind Waker is my personal favorite zelda game so it is natural that I had a bunch of Wind Waker songs on my list.

A lot of people have also criticized my choice of Tal Tal Heights for #1 (although many love it). Let me explain. To me, the best Zelda music is about the feeling of adventure. Dark World and Gerudo Valley sound like hard journeys through barren lands. Great Sea sounds like sailing the open sea. Dragon Roost Island is like visiting an exotic isle. To me Tal Tal Heights perfectly embodies the feeling of adventure; it feels like climbing a mountain. I understand that the 16 bit is a turn off to some people, but to me it doesn't matter. I hear it, and I want to go on adventure. I hope you can feel it too.


1 million views! Thanks so much everyone.


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